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Launching a holistic CX onboarding training program to empower 105 new hires to achieve 95% customer satisfaction

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GT’s Living Foods

Formalizing learning and development programming to drive 3X employee engagement.

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Launching Lattice University to empower over 5,000 HR professionals to build high-performing teams

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Launching an onboarding boot camp to increase field effectiveness

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Launching a customer academy to deliver customer success at scale

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Learn how Earthjustice streamlined professional development to drive org-wide sustainability.

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Learn how Narvar was able to streamline onboarding to drive company-wide engagement.

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Knowledge Services

Discover how Knowledge Services uses WorkRamp to launch engaging, scalable L&D programs.

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Discover how Enable used WorkRamp to scale onboarding and certifications to boost field effectiveness.

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Learn how Matillion successfully scaled customer education to drive product literacy.

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Sprout Social

Learn how Sprout Social made virtual training easy to roll out for managers and fun to complete for learners.

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Discover how Zappi was able to increase their onboarding satisfaction rate by 26% with WorkRamp.

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Grin uses WorkRamp to scale onboarding, gamify the learning experience, and track the success of their enablement programs.

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PartnerHero creates a culture of learning and nurtures strong employees and leaders with WorkRamp.

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Staffbase trusts WorkRamp to enable their customer success team– increasing productivity and reducing onboarding time.

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