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Customer Education


Launching a customer academy to deliver customer success at scale

Gorgias is the eCommerce help desk that turns customer service into a profit center. With customer revenue dependent on successful product adoption, the Gorgias team must support their online merchants with the right training and resources. 

This became a non-negotiable, especially when Gorgias started their scaled customer success program. They needed a way to educate non-managed users on the product and deliver ongoing training without relying on additional headcount or compromising the customer experience.  

Developing an academy with WorkRamp enabled the scaled team at Gorgias to deliver their high-quality merchant experience with a one-to-many mindset and focus on decreasing time-to-value by driving product adoption through self-serve education.

In one year of delivering customer education with WorkRamp, Gorgias has achieved: 

Gorgias stats bannerHow Gorgias uses WorkRamp to deliver engaging and scalable customer education

  • Varying modalities. Gorgias makes learning fun with interactive elements, including flip cards, video, audio, and more
  • Certifications. Gorgias promotes and socializes learner engagement by awarding badges and diplomas after each course that can be reshared on LinkedIn
  • Segment integration. Connecting WorkRamp to Segment enables the Gorgias team to collect a wealth of data that helps inform the optimization of their learning programs

“Having an academy makes us more legitimate, and it means that we can deliver content at a one-to-many scale and track everything. Without WorkRamp, there is no way we’d ever be able to have any of this success.”

Amy Elenius, Manager, Customer Education

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