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Learn how Narvar was able to streamline onboarding to drive company-wide engagement.

In 2017, Narvar needed a centralized place to build and house all their training materials across the company. They sought out WorkRamp’s LMS as the solution and have since launched and scaled onboarding and training programs across every department.

With the shift to remote-first work, the team has been able to lean into asynchronous training without compromising employee engagement.  

Rolling out company-wide onboarding with WorkRamp has helped Narvar achieve: 

narvar results

How Narvar uses WorkRamp to build engaging and scalable learning programs

  • Varying modalities. Narvar keeps learning fun with various interactive features, including flip cards, GIFs, video, audio, and more.
  • Document embedding. This makes it easy and scalable for the Narvar team to maintain and update training content.
  • Slack integration. Narvar leverages WorkRamp’s Slack integration to trigger reminders that help drive engagement and completions.

“We love the simplicity of the WorkRamp platform. Not only is it so easy to create content, but there’s also so many different capabilities and modalities for assessing knowledge, which is especially important for us when onboarding new folks across the company.”


Marit Parten, Head of Revenue Productivity

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