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PartnerHero creates a culture of learning and nurtures strong employees and leaders with WorkRamp.

PartnerHero Boosts Employee Learning and Engagement with WorkRamp

Based in Boise, Idaho with offices in Honduras, Germany, Romania and the Philippines, PartnerHero is a business process outsourcing (BPO) company whose mission is to extend the impact of innovative companies to economically underserved communities in the US and abroad, connecting talented and capable people with the world’s most beloved brands. Their vision is to combine professional services, technology and insights to provide customer support, trust & safety, sales and SQA services, to help their customers scale quickly and efficiently. 

We spoke with Robyn Barton, Global Director of Talent Development. Robyn manages, develops and inspires PartnerHero’s growing team of instructional design, training, and development specialists. She works to ensure the learning programs they develop meet the core business strategies in ways that align with the culture and values of PartnerHero. She also leads the vendor selection process for new learning systems and tools, such as WorkRamp. Working alongside Robyn, her team develops interactive eLearning content for PartnerHero’s global audience and acts as the administrator for WorkRamp at the company. 

During this conversation, Robyn shares her experiences with using WorkRamp to improve employee engagement scores, and create a culture of learning at PartnerHero that inspires employees to embrace growth, grow personally and professionally, and become leaders within their teams.


What are your desired business outcomes with WorkRamp?

Improve employee engagement scores

At PartnerHero, we believe hard work, passion and talent have no boundaries, so helping our employees grow professionally, build essential skills, and become leaders is the foundation for everything we do. As a core part of our employees’ experience, WorkRamp enables us to empower teams and their managers to rise to their full potential, which, in turn, boosts employee engagement scores.

Create a culture of learning

With an easy-to-use, effective and enjoyable learning platform like WorkRamp, we can create a culture of learning that targets the whole employee, with skills development, fitness, DE&I, mental health, stress management, and more. This helps them develop their professional skills and progress toward achieving their personal goals, while feeling more connected and engaged with the PartnerHero community.


How do you drive value for your employees with WorkRamp?

Achieving 100% compliance rates for PartnerHero

This year we prioritized compliance as an initiative, and we used WorkRamp to ensure 100% compliance with HR courses like hiring, personnel management, harassment training, data protection & security courses, and more. We’re also working on launching the newest version of our Leadership Academy with WorkRamp in early 2022, moving from a self-paced format to a week-long dedicated onboarding training for team leads. Creating engaging experiences with WorkRamp helps employees complete training to decrease ramp time and learn the knowledge and skills they need to be effective leaders, which boosts employee engagement scores even higher.

Delivering customized learning at scale

We enable our internal teams to create their own learning content using the “limited editor” feature on WorkRamp. This allows our leaders to take ownership of building onboarding and L&D training tailored to the unique needs of their teams. We then enroll them in WorkRamp’s Admin Essentials and Instructional Design guides which allows them to build out robust, self-paced onboarding programs. This process helps us find new feature requests and helpful updates. In addition, WorkRamp’s high-level metrics showed us that we were able to create a whopping 340 new guides in just a few months!

Driving high engagement and helping employees retain knowledge

Workramp’s engaging platform and intuitive UI means employees are more likely to complete trainings and retain the knowledge they learn. We’ve seen evidence of this as we measure completion rates, knowledge check scores, and overall learner satisfaction scores– currently standing at a 4.82/5. Employees spend more time working on guides and achieving higher scores with WorkRamp.


How Does WorkRamp support PartnerHero’s core values?

Supports employee growth and constant learning

WorkRamp gives our employees ongoing learning opportunities. It’s our primary platform for enabling employees to really embrace growth– one of PartnerHero’s core values. Creating self-service skills libraries in WorkRamp enables learners to choose courses that fit their needs. Our workplace skills libraries include a wide array of courses — topics such as time management or using Slack. Since we’re a global organization, we also have courses for English development, because English may not be the first language for some of our employees. Workramp also supports an integration with LinkedIn Learning, so we can provide fast and easy access to all of that valuable content, as well.

Helps us nurture strong employees and leaders

Developing strong leaders so they can drive their teams is critical. At PartnerHero, we provide two different leadership programs through WorkRamp. One is called the Aspiring Leaders program, which invites associates to participate in learning activities that will help them build the necessary skills to become future leaders. The program is driven by self-paced learning through Guides, practical application through Challenges, and discussion forums via Events. We’ve also created our Leadership Academy in a self-serve WorkRamp library where people-managers can access courses on leadership skills, coaching, communication, and more to help them take that next step to advance in their career.

Integrates our learning programs with PartnerHero’s culture

We gathered several years’ worth of fun culture videos from our archives on topics related to health and wellness, for example, recordings of yoga classes, presentations on nutrition and ergonomics, and content from our “Foodies” Slack channel — where employees from around the globe share their favorite recipes and host cooking classes — all through WorkRamp. It’s all searchable and accessible to everyone, and helps to nurture our learning culture while supporting employees’ personal growth.


What do you love about WorkRamp?

Easy to use and automate

WorkRamp’s ease of use and automation features empower anyone to build exceptional training materials, quickly and efficiently. It’s really drag-and-drop: you can create customized, engaging content with ease. In addition, automation features help us auto-enroll employees into relevant courses, saving us a lot of time. Plus, with WorkRamp’s advanced reporting capabilities, we’re able to auto-generate weekly reports, which reduces our workload and gives us instant access to the insights we need. This helps us drive completion rates and make continuous improvements to our development programs. Managers also have access to their team’s progress so they can hold them accountable and take ownership of their growth.

Content creation is a breeze

We love being able to leverage some of the courses provided in WorkRamp’s marketplace — such as the instructional design courses, WorkRamp specific training, and Zoom best practices. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time we design a course, which means we can support more teams and initiatives than if we’d had to build everything from scratch.

An amazing UI/UX

It’s a game-changer to have a centralized hub where everybody goes for the training they need. WorkRamp’s dashboard makes accessing material a snap with an intuitive user interface for learners. The search function makes it easy for learners to find all of PartnerHero’s content and courses in one place and works much better than the search functionality of LMS tools we’ve used in the past. We’ve also launched our full self-service orientation program which guides new hires through orientation, but gives them self-paced content so they can learn when it’s convenient for them. We can easily track completion rates and identify areas in which our employees might be struggling, which was impossible with our previous LMS solution. Another great tool we utilize is the events feature, which allows us to register new hires to attend conversations with our C-level executives. With WorkRamp, everything is in one place, making it a seamless experience for learners. 

A dedicated, responsive team

We love how responsive WorkRamp is to our feedback. It’s amazing how quickly our ideas and feature requests are implemented. The team is able to identify quick wins with high impact, and they just get them done. This makes us feel like valued partners to WorkRamp, not just another paying customer. 


Why partner with Work Ramp? 

WorkRamp’s team is best-in-class. We’ve never experienced anything like it with other LMS vendors. They’re extremely responsive and constantly innovating on the product. They’re open to our input and they use it to shape the product roadmap, and there’s a lot of transparency into what’s being developed. We absolutely love the product release events and the VIP slack channel. It’s a really great opportunity to meet and share ideas with other L&D professionals at top companies around the world.

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