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Revenue Enablement


Discover how Enable used WorkRamp to scale onboarding and certifications to boost field effectiveness.

At Enable, the revenue enablement team is focused on driving readiness, effectiveness, and productivity through onboarding and certification programs. However, they were relying solely on SharePoint to house all their educational resources.

This made it difficult for learners to navigate, challenging for admins to manage content, and impossible for managers to track learner engagement. 

Since moving onboarding and certifications to WorkRamp 2 years ago, Enable’s revenue team has achieved: 

enable case study

How Enable builds engaging and scalable programs with WorkRamp

  • Content libraries. Using libraries in WorkRamp gives Enable a centralized place to curate, update, and track engagement on all resources.
  • Challenges and certifications. Enable drives knowledge retention and subject matter expertise across global teams through challenges and certifications.
  • Reporting. With reporting, Enable’s managers can visualize team performance on training, from completions to scores. 

“We’ve been using WorkRamp since we had 21 reps on the revenue team, and now we’re at about 220. The platform enables organizational agility and collaboration that has been essential in helping us through the growth and scaling.”


Lissa Songpitak, Head of Revenue Enablement


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