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Discover how Zappi was able to increase their onboarding satisfaction rate by 26% with WorkRamp.

The Challenge

Zappi is the agile platform designed for creators. With Zappi, creators get access to actionable, quick, and smart data to amplify their creative effectiveness and shape winning innovation so they can create something people love. 

John Hunt, the head of Zappi’s global revenue enablement team, was tasked with enabling the sales team, customer success, and transformation teams. His role consisted of two primary components: 80% of his focus was to enable reps to sell to prospects and new customers, while the other 20% involved onboarding new employees so that Zappi could continue to grow. 

Hunt knew that Zappi needed to ramp up onboarding to accelerate growth. But at the time, they didn’t have a learning platform that would allow them to scale their processes. 

Zappi’s primary challenge with onboarding and training was the certification process. John kept track of new hires using a Google Sheet, and he would rate them on a scale of 1 to 5 after completing their training. This process made it difficult for Hunt to benchmark success. 

John knew he needed to create a great sales onboarding and ongoing development program. He also wanted to build out processes that would allow new sales reps to improve their long-term performance. In addition, he wanted access to reporting metrics that would show him the impact his chosen learning management system (LMS) had on revenue. 

“I lived in Google sheets, and they were very ad hoc,” Hunt says. “There was no consistency, and that’s why we needed a system like WorkRamp.”

The Solution

Zappi chose WorkRamp as its LMS, largely because it offered exceptional customer service. 

“I really like the VIP Slack channel,” Hunt said. “If I have a question, I can just drop a note in Slack and get a response in 5 minutes,” he added. “The ease of use and UX were fairly intuitive,” says Hunt. “Implementation was smooth, and I was able to create content easily, and I’m not a super technical person.”

Hunt said that one of the things he likes most about WorkRamp is the content collaboration aspect. This feature gives his team the ability to talk to everyone on a single Guide and easily deploy content. He also appreciates the Quarterly Product Release Events and enjoys that WorkRamp allows him to create nearly everything he wants. 

The various teams throughout Zappi’s organization found WorkRamp simple to use and were able to learn the system with ease. The Finance and People teams also took advantage of WorkRamp’s platform. For example, the People team used it to create training functions that John Hunt doesn’t handle. They also rotated users in case one person was out of the office, allowing everyone on the team to become an expert on the WorkRamp platform.

The Results

Because of WorkRamp, John Hunt no longer has to onboard new employees one by one. 

“WorkRamp has allowed us to scale our onboarding process,” said Hunt. “We hired six times as many people in 2021 as we did in 2020 and we wouldn’t have managed to do it as efficiently as we did without WorkRamp”

WorkRamp helped Zappi improve its onboarding satisfaction rates. Prior to using WorkRamp, their process involved asking new team members a series of questions and having them rate their experience on a scale of 1 to 5. In 2020, the satisfaction rate was 3.1. In 2021, after implementing WorkRamp, satisfaction rates went up to 4.4–an increase of 26% year over year.

Going forward, Zappi intends to accelerate hiring in 2022 even more. John’s immediate focus is on an upcoming product launch in which he’ll use WorkRamp to build out content and connect with the product team. They’ll also do a short video, a live training session, and get new representatives certified in WorkRamp. 

John encourages other sales enablement, customer education, and L&D leaders to partner with WorkRamp. “It’s a good way to standardize the hiring process,” he says. “You can see what the benchmark of success looks like. You can also save time and eliminate unnecessary Zoom calls, which helps a lot when thinking about international time differences.”

John adds this about his overall experience with WorkRamp: “I know we’re probably not the biggest customer, but we get the service we need and still feel loved. I feel appreciated as a customer,” John adds. “It’s been a good experience.”

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