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Staffbase trusts WorkRamp to enable their customer success team– increasing productivity and reducing onboarding time.

Katja Reinhardt is the Global Customer Success Enablement & Training Manager at Staffbase, a leading provider of digital solutions for internal communications used by more than 1,000 enterprise companies, including Adidas, DHL, and Deutsche Telekom. 

In 2020, Katja moved into the Customer Success Enablement & Training role at Staffbase and led the planning, rollout, and implementation of the company’s first LMS for their customer success team. We spoke to Katja to learn more about how WorkRamp supports Staffbase’s learning initiatives. 

What business outcomes are you trying to achieve? 

Staffbase’s business outcomes for their customer success team are to provide training for both the customer success team and customers, digitize and reduce onboarding time for Staffbase employees, and increase ARR and efficiency within the customer success team. 

Accelerate Training for Employees and Customers

Staffbase champions a culture of learning and growth, and it flows top-down. By empowering our employees to grow their knowledge of the internal communications industry and our company, we’re giving them the ability to provide our customers with the best Staffbase experience. Plus, our customers have more confidence in us knowing that our company’s strong focus on internal training translates directly into a better experience for them. 

Currently, we’re focused on internal training of our customer success team, and soon we’ll be rolling out training for our customers. With WorkRamp, we’re able to build internal training content and then re-use it for our customers, which helps us save countless hours when developing the customer-facing LMS.

Reduce Onboarding Time for New Employees

In the past year, we’ve increased our customer success team by over 30%. As a result of this rapid hiring, we needed a solution to digitize our new hire onboarding process, while also providing a great employee experience. To date, we’ve decreased onboarding time by over 30%. 

Increase CSM (Customer Success Manager) Productivity

As we grow, we are focused on helping our Customer Success Managers (CSM) become more productive in their roles–increasing ARR for each customer success manager and decreasing customer retention costs over time. The chrome extension for WorkRamp enables CSMs to reference training and get in-context knowledge in real time giving Staffbase employees what they need, when they need it. 

By leveraging these tools, we’re able to grow CSMs’ knowledge quickly and efficiently so they can meet their ARR goal while giving our customers a great experiencereducing retention costs over time.

Why choose WorkRamp? 

Fast-track your time-to-launch

Last year, our leadership team asked me to launch an e-learning platform quickly. The process of implementing WorkRamp and deploying it to our customer success team was extremely efficient. In addition to that, content management and creation on the WorkRamp platform is really easy to use. I’m able to quickly create new content by using drag and drop features, video embedding, WorkRamp modules, and so much more. Plus, with a feedback loop directly built in the platform, I receive direct, concrete suggestions from my team on what’s working for them and edit my content to serve them better.  

Make Learning Enjoyable for our Employees

Our team really enjoys using WorkRamp to onboard and train themselves. The gamification aspect of WorkRamp makes it really fun for them to complete their training and allows them to interact with the platform a lot more. I like that I can assign challenges like pitch recordings, role playing, live training, and demos to my team so they can do more than just click through a standard training module. 

Exceptional Customer Success Team

In addition to the great platform, the customer success team at WorkRamp is amazing. They’re always willing to help and really focus on giving my team a great experience as we roll out new training and expand our LMS to other teams.  This includes them giving us further training or handing creating templates for guides or challenges that we can use. 

When thinking through content strategy and creation, the instructional design team has been key in helping me create the most efficient training, training strategies, and content for my team. They will work with you 1:1 to find the best solutions while implementing your LMS. 

How are you planning to leverage WorkRamp in the future?

So far, we’ve used WorkRamp at our company for both sales and customer success enablement. Now, we’re planning on utilizing WorkRamp for our customers! Our customer base has been growing fast, and we need to enable them to increase retention and product adoption. A lot of the content we create for internal enablement can be used externally, which makes it seamless to launch a customer LMS on WorkRamp. If there’s something I need to change, the product makes it simple to adjust it for our external audience. We’ll be able to see how well our customers understand our platform, and ensure that they’ll be successful when using Staffbase. 

Why partner with WorkRamp?

“With WorkRamp, you’re not only getting access to a  platform, but also a special community of e-learning experts across WorkRamp’s VIP customer community. With the help of WorkRamp’s Customer Success and Content Services teams, I was able to deploy our LMS in just 4 weeks!”

With WorkRamp, Staffbase was able to:

  • Deploy their LMS in 4 weeks
  • Decrease onboarding time by 30%
  • Decrease customer retention costs over time

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