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Customer Education


Learn how Matillion successfully scaled customer education to drive product literacy.

Prior to building out their customer academy with an LMS, Matillion was training customers live on a weekly basis. While the personal face-to-face time was valuable, the team could only train about 6 to 8 people at a time, which wasn’t sustainable.

They needed a way to make product education accessible en masse and turn their users into accredited Matillion experts.

Building an academy with WorkRamp to scale customer education enabled Matillion to achieve:

Matillion academy results

How Matillion uses WorkRamp to make customer education scalable and engaging:

  • Varying modalities. Matillion keeps learning interesting by delivering content via text, flip cards, videos, knowledge checks, and more.
  • Badges & certifications. Matillion promotes learner engagement by awarding badges and diplomas after completing each course.
  • WorkRamp API. Matillion pulls data into their data warehouse via WorkRamp’s API to make better-informed business decisions.

If you know how to use a product, you’re going to feel more confident and be more engaged. That’s what WorkRamp helps us deliver with Matillion Academy. It’s been so impactful to the process of driving product education and engagement at scale.


Erick Ferreira, Sr. Data Manager, Matillion Academy

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