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Discover how Knowledge Services uses WorkRamp to launch engaging, scalable L&D programs.

Years ago, Knowledge Services struggled to gain traction on their L&D program without a dedicated team maintaining and evolving the content in their old LMS.

Reengaging employees with meaningful learning required a new, user-friendly, collaborative platform where the team could create original content and curate external courses for their latest L&D initiative, Knowledge Services University (KSU). 

In just one month of launching KSU with WorkRamp, Knowledge Services achieved:

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How Knowledge Services uses WorkRamp to launch engaging and scalable L&D programs

  • Resource Libraries. WorkRamp Libraries enable Knowledge Services to curate, update, and track engagement on all assets and resources.
  • Learner badges. Knowledge Services drives learner engagement by awarding badges at the completion of each guide.
  • Prebuilt content. In addition to creating content, the team imports prebuilt courses into WorkRamp to bolster professional development offerings.

“We evaluated 15 learning management systems, and WorkRamp has one of the cleanest interfaces, which makes creating content so easy. They’re also willing to partner with us to make sure we achieve the best results. If something isn’t working, they always meet us halfway to figure it out.”


Andrea Burow, Learning & Development Partner


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