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Sprout Social

Learn how Sprout Social made virtual training easy to roll out for managers and fun to complete for learners.

Upholding a Culture of Learning Through Scalable Training

The Challenge

When Sprout Social shifted to remote-first work, it was no longer scalable to rely on in-person training. However, their existing LMS didn’t have the capability to build engaging lessons or report on learner progress. With their huge ‘learn-it-all’ culture, they needed a better tool to make virtual learning easy to roll out for managers and fun to complete for learners.

WorkRamp’s All-in-One Learning Platform enabled Sprout Social to achieve:

sprout social case study

How Sprout Social builds engaging, scaleable training with WorkRamp:

Varying modalities

Sprout Social keeps learning fun with interactive features, including flip cards, video, audio, and more.

Easy, intuitive UI

WorkRamp’s drag-and-drop interface enables the Sprout team to collaborate on and produce high-quality content efficiently.

Performance visualization

With reporting, Sprout managers can visualize team performance on training, from course completion to scores.

“WorkRamp gives us the same experience that we provide to our customers–simple, elegant, and a joy to do business with. Beyond the product being so easy and fun to work in, the company as a whole checks the boxes on the values that we look for in a software partner.”


-Morgan Murphy – Manager, Sales Enablement  

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