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Revenue Enablement


Learn how Handshake 2X its revenue, increased average deal size by 15%, and decreased ramp time by 33% using WorkRamp.


Mark Riley is the Senior Sales Enablement Manager at Handshake, the leading college career network with over 1,000 college and university partners. At the start of the COVID-19, Mark made a major pivot—transitioning from leading new hire onboarding to overseeing Handshake’s entire enablement function—all while navigating training in a fully virtual environment. Mark joins us to share how WorkRamp supports Handshake’s remote learning initiatives.

What are your business outcomes?

Handshake’s business outcomes for Sales Enablement are to decrease ramp time for new hires, increase our revenue, and increase the average deal size. 

Scale new hire onboarding

Most of Handshake U, our bootcamp for new hires, takes place through WorkRamp. As a result, we have clear visibility into how new reps are performing on their initial training projects, like pitch certifications and demo challenges. With the insights I’m able to gather through WorkRamp, I’ve found that I’m actually able to predict how successful a new rep will be within the initial weeks of their onboarding. Overall, onboarding has been much more successful using WorkRamp, we’ve even seen a 33% decrease in new hire ramp time.

From the admin perspective, onboarding is simple to set up and execute with WorkRamp—the automation features save me a ton of time and energy that I can put toward other ongoing training initiatives.

Increase revenue with continuous learning

We use WorkRamp not only to onboard our new hires, but to also train our tenured AEs. We’ve really leaned into the continuous learning capabilities of WorkRamp to double our revenue YOY and increase average deal size by 15%. We’ve seen an overwhelmingly positive response from our AEs on refresher trainings and re-certifications; on each certification that we’ve rolled out, we’ve had 90-100% participation. Since adopting WorkRamp to train our tenured reps, we’ve overachieved on each of our quarterly sales goals. 

Why WorkRamp?

Simple, intuitive UI

For us, it was a really easy decision to go with WorkRamp—and to stay with WorkRamp. It is incredibly easy to use, both from the operator side as well as from the learner side. When I create content in WorkRamp, it is simple to navigate and it saves my work automatically, which allows me to scale learning content across trainings. It’s also intuitive from the grading perspective, which empowers me—and other members of my team—to review work as learners complete trainings. 

In my two and a half years of using WorkRamp, I’ve probably received only one or two questions on how to navigate through the LMS. It is incredible how intuitive the user experience is—it’s seamless. 

Expert support and guidance

There’s a great team behind-the-scenes at WorkRamp. We have an amazing Account Executive and Customer Success Manager—they’re there at a moment’s notice when we need help or have questions. We also have access to the WorkRamp Support and Product teams through the VIP Slack community, and it’s been incredible. I cannot speak enough to the value of having a team there behind you, rooting for you, that has a ton of experience in this space.

What’s your favorite thing about WorkRamp?

I love that we’ve been able to move from using WorkRamp to onboard new sales hires to using the platform to align the entire revenue team. This change came at a time in 2020 when COVID had first hit and we were all working remote—it was crucial that my team had a tool that supported remote learning. 

WorkRamp was and still is that tool. Through our onboarding program and ongoing trainings, we’ve been able to decrease ramp time by 33%, double our revenue, and increase average deal size by 15%—WorkRamp has proven crucial to our teams’ ongoing success.

Why partner with WorkRamp?

“WorkRamp provides a great community of enablement folks that I look to every day. Whether through the VIP community or conversations with my customer success team, I’m able to learn from what the most successful companies are doing through WorkRamp” says Mark Riley, Senior Sales Enablement Manager at Handshake

With WorkRamp, Handshake has been able to:

  • Decrease ramp time for new hires by 33%
  • Increase training participation to 90-100% for tenured AEs
  • Double revenue
  • Increase average deal size by 15%


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