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Salesforce LMS Integration

Streamline reporting for your LMS

The Salesforce integration allows you to automatically send your training data to Salesforce so you can correlate the impact of your training programs to business outcomes. 

Integration benefits: 

  • Provide your business leaders a full view into the efficacy of training programs and how that translates to business outcomes. 
  • Allow admins to centralize all their reporting in one place to accurately measure the performance of all learners.
  • Give admins time back to focus on learning programs instead of manually updating contact information in Salesforce. 
  • Provide learners the power to access their WorkRamp instance directly in Salesforce to train in the app they use the most. 

Use cases: 

  • Measure results: Sync learner data from WorkRamp to performance data in salesforce to see the value of your learning programs and determine areas of improvement. 
  • Onboarding: Give reps the ability to access their WorkRamp instance directly in salesforce so they can access training content to learn while on the job. 
  • Customer health tracking: Automatically create customer education contacts in Salesforce and sync training completion data to get a better view into customer health.

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