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Grin uses WorkRamp to scale onboarding, gamify the learning experience, and track the success of their enablement programs.

“I honestly can’t imagine doing my job and my role effectively without WorkRamp. It’s just part of the DNA of our enablement charter, and the tool that helps us drive this engine. To me, WorkRamp is not a ‘sell-you, get you onboarded, and leave you. WorkRamp truly wants to partner with you and make sure that you continue to be successful. It’s an ongoing relationship and that’s not something all software companies have to do–so I appreciate that.”

About GRIN

GRIN is the pioneer behind the world’s first Creator Management platform, designed for the next generation of brands who recognize that, in the creator economy, authenticity is everything. GRIN platform supports every brand’s journey to connecting with consumers through authentic creator relationships and is listed #1 across all top review sites including Capterra, G2 Crowd, and Influencer Marketing Hub. Thousands of the world’s fastest-growing brands – including SKIMS, Warby Parker, Allbirds, Mejuri, and MVMT – use GRIN to make creators feel like trusted, empowered partners and work with them to build their brands into household names. 

The State of GRINablement

Angela Walker is the RevOps Manager of Enablement at GRIN. She joined GRIN in February 2021 to lead the enablement function. Since then, the sales org grew over 300 percent and she’s scaled a variety of training programs for Account Executives (AE), Outbound Business Development Reps (BDRs), and Inbound Market Development Reps (MDR).

As GRIN embarked on hypergrowth, Angela had to procure a Learning Management System (LMS) that she could rely on to help her build and scale onboarding quickly. She was looking for a solution that could gamify the learning experience, surface key learner metrics, and track the success of her enablement programs. 

The Challenge: Transitioning from Google Docs to WorkRamp

Before Angela joined GRIN, sales onboarding was primarily amanual process run in Google Docs and Sheets.

Once Angela arrived, it was time to put together Sales Onboarding 2.0. She met with sales managers on a weekly basis to organize all of the Google Docs and build an agenda of onboarding activities. She then layered live training sessions around topics that would help reps deepen their knowledge of the product or other role-based skills. The goal was to create a more thoughtful onboarding process that would allow sales reps to understand what skills they’d need to master to be successful in their roles and how GRIN would be able to support them. 

GRIN’s First Sales Onboarding Program

Angela now had all the tools to create her first sales onboarding pathway, “Road to Certified”. By mapping each onboarding topic to real-life process or sales scenarios, she created a program framework that included onboarding activities, live training, and a certification process. She mapped out program dates, training blocks, and informal learning pathways – but everything still lived in Google Docs. To keep up with GRIN’s accelerated growth, Angela needed a tool to help her execute this program quickly. 

The Solution: Onboarding at scale

WorkRamp has allowed Angela to spin up training modules for each Go-To-Market role quickly. The drag-and-drop functionality of the content editor allowed Angela to quickly create training guides with multiple learning objects, knowledge checks, and question types. The collaboration workflows helped her co-create training guides with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) more effectively by assigning action items to SMEs and actively soliciting feedback through comments. This helped accelerate training time-to-launch for GRIN.

The GRINablement Team (Grin’s internal enablement team name)has also started to build re-boarding paths for early sales reps who couldn’t take advantage of WorkRamp during their onboarding. She’s also building out custom learning journeys for sales reps struggling in their roles, and professional development opportunities for reps looking to move up in their careers. 

Loved by learners

It only took a 15-minute training session to get GRINners (what GRIN calls their employees) set up and taking their first courses in WorkRamp. Most sales teams “are bombarded with a ton of tech tools, and adding another tool to their plate is always a bit scary,” says Angela. “But what I loved about WorkRamp is that it was really easy for me to train everyone on how to use it.” With the help of WorkRamp’s intuitive UI and UX, Angela was able to see tool adoption from her sales reps increase pretty quickly. 

Ever-boarding at scale

“In Oct 2021, we raised a big fundraising round and launched a new category called Creator Management. To have the company and the market successfully adopt our new category, we decided to launch a Certification Program to get everyone onboard with our new strategic outlook,” says Angela. “With WorkRamp, we built out certification paths according to each GTM role that included some self-led modules, a few live sessions, and a final narrative presentation. For Business Development teams, we put them through the same modules, but instead utilized the Challenges feature to help scale the final knowledge check with a recorded narrative test.”

Company-wide adoption

WorkRamp has also been widely adopted across the company–thanks to the Chrome Extension. It has allowed GRINners to search across the training content in WorkRamp like an internal wiki and gain adoption that way. As a result, GRIN’s Product team has started to build out modules for product training sessions, and the Engineering team has begun to explore ways to leverage WorkRamp to build its own onboarding program. “The proof [that WorkRamp is working],” says Angela, “is in the fact that other departments are asking for access and asking to have admin access to build learning modules for their teams.”

Why Partner with WorkRamp?

“I really love our Slack customer channel. I like the fact that I can reach out to anyone on the WorkRamp team through Slack; it’s an easy way to communicate since emails often get lost,” says Angela. GRIN, like all WorkRamp customers, gets their own dedicated slack channel with their accounts team to help build an even closer partnership and product feedback loops with the WorkRamp team.

“I also really enjoyed the onboarding process with WorkRamp. My Implementations Manager was extremely thorough, and it was a smooth transition into my weekly cadences with the Client Outcomes Manager after the launch. From pulling in the right technical resources to brainstorming creative ways to get my reps more engaged in the LMS, the WorkRamp team has really been a true partner to us,” says Angela.

“I also really like the WorkRamp VIP community on Slack, where I can see how other customers are leveraging the platform and share best practices and tips. Plus, the quarterly product events with your executive team have been really great.”

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