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Okta LMS Integration

Automate your workflows in your LMS

The Okta integration allows you to set up SSO with Okta to help your learners log into WorkRamp faster. The Okta integration also allows you to easily manage your employee data in WorkRamp by automatically syncing information from Okta to your WorkRamp instance.

Integration benefits: 

  • Streamline logistics for your business with automatic user profile creation and speed up auto enrollments into WorkRamp. 
  • Allow your admins to spend more time building your LMS strategy and learning programs instead of manually updating employee data. 
  • Give learners a faster way to sign-in to WorkRamp through the Okta SSO integration for quick access into their LMS. 
  • Ensure your learners are getting the right training content by syncing all custom attributes from Okta. 

Use cases: 

  • Onboarding: When a new employee is added on Okta, their WorkRamp profile will automatically be created for smoother onboarding. 
  • Offboarding: When an employee departs and their information is taken off Okta, their user profile in WorkRamp will automatically be deleted. 
  • Promotions/Org changes: If any custom attributes such as department or title change in Okta, those attributes will be updated in WorkRamp and will change their user group for more accurate assigning of training content. 
  • Login: Learners will be able to use the Okta SSO integration to quickly sign in to WorkRamp.

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