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Empowering 1,700 Employees to Uphold a Culture of Ethical Excellence at Getty Images

Discover how Getty Images created their compliance & ethics training program to empower employees to uphold a culture of ethical excellence.

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Empowering 105 New Hires through Holistic CX Enablement

Discover how Brex created a CX onboarding training program to equip new hires with the necessary skills to provide a seamless customer support experience.

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2023 LEARNIES Customer Spotlight: Launching Lattice University to Empower HR Professionals

Dive into the journey behind the creation and launch of Lattice University, as we unveil the secrets to their impactful customer education program.

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2023 LEARNIES Customer Spotlight: Elevating Employee Performance Through Comprehensive L&D

In this customer spotlight, we take a deep dive into the inspiration, design, promotion, and impact of Buildout's award-winning L&D initiatives.

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Customer Spotlight: Empowering Marketers with AI Skills Through Self-Serve Education

Generative AI is a game-changing technology that's here to stay. Discover how Jasper is building a product for the way marketers work to streamline their workflow and improve efficiency.

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Designing a Pre-Onboarding Portal to Drive New Hire Success

In this customer spotlight, Rebeca Marx, People Programs Manager at Intercom, shares the catalyst for and process of transforming their pre-onboarding process into a more seamless and enjoyable experience.

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Drive to Leadership: Creating a Manager Training Program with Spot

Learn more about the inception, evolution, and success of Spot’s manager training program and advice for content creation, engagement strategies, and success metrics.

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Excellence in Learning: WorkRamp Announces 2023 Winners of Inaugural LEARNIES Awards

We’re thrilled to announce the winners of our inaugural WorkRamp LEARNIES Awards, dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the best and most impactful learning programs powered by WorkRamp.

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Making the Switch: What to Look for in an LMS that Empowers Learning

Discover what to look for in an effective solution and the benefits you can experience from making the right selection. 

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How Gigaclear Transformed Onboarding to Drive Employee Retention & Customer Satisfaction

Discover how Gigaclear revamped onboarding to boost employee and customer experiences.

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4 Big Bets for AI in Learning

By harnessing the power of AI, leaders in learning can provide more effective and engaging programming and empower their learners to achieve their full potential. 

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Reimagining Enablement Program Delivery and Management with AI

Ariana Jarvis, Manager, Enablement Operations at Avalara, shares her ideas for how AI can help uplevel the delivery and management of enterprise-wide enablement.

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Beyond Product Success: Launching an Academy to Help Drive Industry Proficiency

NetLine is on a mission to empower B2B marketers with unparalleled buyer intent data and lead generation capabilities through its all-in-one buyer engagement platform.

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5 Areas of Opportunity for AI to Uplevel Customer Content Delivery

Sara Patel, Customer Education Lead, Jasper, shares five areas of opportunity for AI to help elevate customer content development and delivery.

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The Future of Customer Learning: Envisioning an AI-Powered 5-Star Experience 

Conversica's Senior CS Enablement Specialist Lauren Siegfried and CS Program Coordinator Kiera Long, share three areas in which they envision AI helping to take customer education efforts to the next level.

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