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Transforming Government Operations Through Education

GovPilot standardizes, digitizes, and unifies more than 100 operational and constituent service processes on one system so local governments can better serve their communities. Delivering on this mission depends on GovPilot’s users getting the most out of the platform’s comprehensive features and functionalities, leading the team to develop and launch GovPilot Academy as an educational hub for customer learning. 

In this spotlight, we sit down with GovPilot’s Learning and Development Specialist, Millie Fernandez, to learn more about their investment in education and training to drive customer success.  

Tell us a little bit about you and your role at GovPilot. 

I’m Millie Fernandez, the Learning and Development Specialist at GovPilot. Having been with GovPilot since its inception, I’ve had the opportunity to contribute across various pivotal roles in product development, onboarding, and customer-facing positions. This diverse experience has uniquely positioned me to understand our platform inside out and empathize with our users’ needs. 

Now my role involves spearheading the training initiatives with GovPilot Academy. I’m all about making sure our users have the training they need to really excel on the platform and in their roles. From designing engaging courses to certifications, I’m here to support our users through their learning journeys.

Congrats on launching GovPilot Academy as your central hub for customer onboarding and ongoing training! What is the overarching mission and vision of your academy? 

GovPilot’s mission is centered on setting new standards for what the best can be, and GovPilot Academy is an extension of that. Our mission is to deliver straightforward and user-friendly training programs that empower users to excel in their use of GovPilot and in their roles, and ultimately driving success within their organizations. 

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What makes customer education the right lever to pull to drive success for your customers? How does having the academy also enable your internal teams to better serve customers? 

The GovPilot platform is truly transformational for our customers. But, we understand that our platform is packed with so many features and functionalities, and it’s crucial for our users to know how to make the most of them. By investing in education, we empower users to unlock the full potential of our platform. 

Our internal teams benefit from a well-educated user base, support interactions become more streamlined, and our teams can provide targeted assistance more effectively. 

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What can GovPilot customers get out of signing up for GovPilot Academy, and how will it help them get more out of their GovPilot experience?  

As a member of GovPilot Academy, our customers will have access to a range of courses, how-to videos, certifications, and various resources. What’s nice is that they’ll be able to access information at their own pace and convenience, so they can find answers and solutions independently whenever they need them. They can also share their Certifications on LinkedIn, enhancing their careers, and showcasing their expertise to their professional network.

Product success aside, how will having access to the education in GovPilot Academy equip your customers to thrive in their roles and better serve their local communities? 

Access to GovPilot Academy goes beyond just mastering the software; it’s about empowering our customers to excel in their roles and drive positive change within their local communities. 

With GovPilot Academy our customers are equipped with:

  • Comprehensive Knowledge: GovPilot Academy offers comprehensive training on various aspects of the GovPilot platform, ensuring that users have a deep understanding of its functionalities. This knowledge enables them to leverage the platform to its fullest potential, maximizing efficiency and productivity in their roles.
  • Streamlined Processes: By learning best practices and advanced techniques, our customers can streamline government processes within their departments. From digital applications to automated workflows, users can implement efficient solutions that save time and resources.
  • Enhanced Citizen Services: With optimized use of the platform, users can deliver more convenient and responsive services to citizens, ultimately improving overall satisfaction and engagement.
  • Facilitated Onboarding: For new customers coming on board, GovPilot Academy serves as a valuable resource for onboarding and training. By providing access to educational materials and tutorials, we’ll ensure that new users can quickly become proficient with the platform, accelerating their ability to serve their communities effectively.

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Can you give us an overview of your content and curriculum strategy? What content is currently available to customers in GovPilot Academy? Why was it important to prioritize these certain courses, certifications, and resources at launch? 

Our content and curriculum strategy is all about making learning accessible and enjoyable for everyone. At launch, our main focus is on the “Essentials Certification”, which gives users the basics they need to dive right in and start making the most of GovPilot. We’ve also gathered all our existing resources into one convenient place, so whether you prefer watching videos, reading guides, or taking interactive training, there’s something for you.

How would you describe your ideal learner journey? What are some best practices you’ve implemented to design an engaging learning experience and encourage your learners to keep coming back for more? 

In my ideal learning journey, my focus is on delivering content that is succinct yet comprehensive, presented in a language that’s easily understandable and accessible to all. I like to break down complex concepts into digestible pieces, getting granular to remove any ambiguity and ensure clarity. 

When it comes to best practices I prioritize a few: 

  1. Setting clear objectives: Before developing any training session, I ensure that the objectives are clearly defined and align with the learning outcomes. To prevent learners from feeling overwhelmed, I will usually only focus on addressing a few key objectives so that they have clear expectations.
  2. Understanding of the target audience: Whether it’s a township administrator, municipal clerk, or a construction department inspector, I take the time to understand who the training is geared for so that I can tailor the content to their needs, ensuring relevance and engagement throughout the training.
  3. Summarizing and reviewing content covered to enhance retention: At the end of each training session, I emphasize the importance of wrapping everything up. This helps reinforce key concepts and ensures that learners remember the information better. Additionally, summarizing the content provides closure to the session and leaves learners feeling confident about their achievements.
  4. Providing supplementary resources: Given the complexity of the GovPilot platform, it’s essential to let users know where they can find information on additional topics related to their current training. Providing clear guidance on supplementary resources ensures that learners can continue their learning journey beyond the training session.
  5. Ending each session on a positive note: It may sound simple, but recognizing learners’ efforts and accomplishments is essential for motivation and engagement. At the end of each session, I make sure to congratulate learners on their progress and emphasize their achievements, fostering a sense of pride and motivation to continue learning.

How do you plan to collect and incorporate learner feedback into your programming? 

Gathering feedback from learners is super important to us at GovPilot Academy. We’ll be using various channels like surveys, feedback forms, and even one-on-one chats if users are open to it, to see how things are going. Additionally, we’ll keep a close eye on learner engagement and performance metrics to gauge the effectiveness of our training materials. 

Once we gather all that feedback, we’ll analyze it carefully to identify areas for improvement and make necessary changes to enhance the learning experience. And of course, learners can always reach out to us directly via email at with any feedback or suggestions they have. It’s all about listening to what people need and making sure we’re delivering the best possible learning experience.

You did a soft launch to a small group of customers. Can you share any early testimonials or successes from this initial cohort? What are some key metrics you’ll continue to look at to measure the ongoing impact of GovPilot Academy? 

Our soft launch was incredibly successful, with users expressing enthusiasm and satisfaction with their GovPilot Academy experience. Across the board, there was consistent feedback that highlighted the platform’s ease of use and navigation. What’s more, even our seasoned users found themselves learning new skills. As we gear up for the full rollout to our entire user base, we can’t wait to see how GovPilot Academy will continue to empower and enrich our community of learners.

How has implementing an LMS like WorkRamp helped bring your customer education vision to life? 

WorkRamp has truly been a game-changer for us. Not only is the platform incredibly easy to use and intuitive, but it also offers seamless content creation and structuring capabilities. What sets WorkRamp apart, however, is their exceptional team of professionals and support team who have been there every step of the way. 

Their support and guidance have not only helped us navigate the implementation process smoothly but have also shown us what true partnership looks like. Their organized approach aligns perfectly with our values. With WorkRamp, we’re not just getting a platform; we’re getting a trusted partner in our mission to deliver exceptional customer education experiences.

What learning resources can your customer learners look forward to on the roadmap ahead for this year? 

Looking ahead, we have some really exciting content planned. We’re planning to introduce a certification program specifically tailored for System Administrators, providing them with the expertise they need to manage GovPilot effectively. Alongside this, we’re expanding our range of learning resources to include in-depth tutorials covering various areas of the platform.

But that’s not all – we’re also planning to expand learning beyond platform-specific content to offer learning experiences that have a broader impact. From courses on local government best practices to topics like cybersecurity and AI, we’re committed to providing our learners with valuable insights and practical skills. Keep an eye out for updates and announcements as we continue to enhance GovPilot Academy throughout the year!

Ready to take your GovPilot experience to the next level? Visit GovPilot Academy to unlock the full potential of the platform today. Log in to your GovPilot account to register and access exclusive training resources designed to empower you in your role and drive success within your organization. See you in the Academy!

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Megan Leung

Senior Customer Marketing Manager, WorkRamp

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