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4 Big Bets for AI in Learning

As the hype around AI continues, the learning community is thinking critically about the role AI can play in their day to day to improve efficiency, boost employee engagement, and ultimately drive business impact. Our co-founders, Arsh Mand (CTO) and Ted Blosser (CEO) embarked on an Excellent AI Adventure to connect with leaders across enablement, L&D, and customer education to find out how they’re thinking about AI. 

Here are four ways leaders see AI changing the game for learning: 

1. Content creation support

Whether it’s leveraging AI for simple copy, like titles or summary blurbs, or using it to build out templates for more complex content, many leaders and practitioners are already taking advantage of content generation AI tools like ChatGPT to support their content creation efforts.

This enables them to focus on more significant efforts, like technical content or program strategy and design.

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2. Personalization

Learning looks different for everyone, and many leaders are looking forward to AI having the ability to deliver personalized experiences and content for learners based on various factors including roles, departments, interests, industry, lifecycle stage, and more.

This would help learners stay engaged and ultimately help boost retention and learning outcomes.

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3. Adaptive learning

Related to personalization, an adaptive experience is another area where leaders see AI supporting ongoing learner engagement.

Having AI algorithms assess learner progress and adjust content and learning paths accordingly not only helps learners stay challenged but also ensures they’re able to receive additional training in areas they’re struggling with.

4. Data and analytics

Analyzing metrics helps learning professionals deliver more effective training programs, but it can be a challenge to process all the data.

This is where learning professionals see AI coming in to help analyze the numbers around performance and program engagement and create recaps for managers to make informed choices about future program design and tie insights to role competencies and business impact.

Upleveling learning with AI

From content creation to personalization and analytics, AI is transforming the learning landscape. By harnessing the power of AI, leaders in learning can provide more effective and engaging programming and empower their learners to achieve their full potential. 

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Megan Leung

Senior Customer Marketing Manager, WorkRamp

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