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2023 LEARNIES Customer Spotlight: Launching Lattice University to Empower HR Professionals

The WorkRamp LEARNIES Awards celebrate the best and most impactful learning programs powered by WorkRamp. 

In this customer spotlight, we sit down with one of our 2023 LEARNIES winners, Jeenie Yoon, Customer Education Program Manager at Lattice, to learn about the development and launch of their customer education program, Lattice University. 

Bridging the HR gap

Every HR team is tasked with building and maintaining people programs that focus on employee growth, feedback, and experience–all essential to fostering thriving company cultures and a sustainable businesses. Traditional HR education often emphasizes compliance and staffing, while modern HR demands a focus on empowering and growing an organization’s talent, enhancing managerial coaching skills, and offering comprehensive insights into the talent landscape. 

To bridge the gap between traditional and modern HR, the Lattice Customer Education team launched Lattice University to train HR professionals to use the Lattice platform and enable them to build more strategic people programs. 

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Designing Lattice University

Starting a new customer academy from scratch is no small feat, and the Lattice team was tasked with building and rolling out Lattice University on the WorkRamp Customer Learning Cloud to serve over 5,000 learners. 

Developed with learner engagement and knowledge retention in mind, it was crucial to offer flexibility and depth across Lattice University courses. Each of the initial four comprehensive learning paths focuses on some of the most commonly used People programs in Lattice: Performance, Manager Tools, Goals, and Engagement. 

The paths begin with a course to set the foundation for knowledge-building, covering key concepts and important terminology. They then follow a “before, during, and after” format that organizes courses into a logical timeline for learners who may be novices and setting up people programs for the first time.

Courses are also left ungated so that more advanced HR professionals have the freedom and flexibility to jump around content as needed.

Every course features a consistent instructor, ensuring an authentic, personable, and enriching learning experience. Additionally, courses are resource-rich, offering workbooks filled with strategy slides, communication examples, calendars, and templates for practical application. Sample talk tracks and audio samples of how to talk about important aspects of a specific People program to internal stakeholders and leaders are also included. Learning is verified with a variety of knowledge checks and reflection. Badges, gamification, and certifications are integrated to motivate and validate learners.

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The team also rolled out a live instructor-led OKRs course called Champ Camp, which includes a wealth of resources and allotted time for asking an expert and networking. Lattice University allows learners to self-select and revisit content as needed, no matter if they’re a prospective customer, a People Team strategist, an Admin seeking implementation guidance, or an employee or manager.

Launching at the Resources for Humans conference

To ensure maximum success, Lattice University’s large-scale launch included multiple phases of testing, early access, and grass-roots excitement building. The team first opened Lattice University to a small selection of internal users. Within courses, they planted Easter eggs along the way to see exactly how far learners could explore the content, which also added an element of fun for testers.

Following the internal test, they were ready to put content into WorkRamp and this time, selected customers to test out content. Exclusive invites were sent to invested customers via the Customer Success and Care teams. They also offered testers who provided feedback the option to invite additional peers, colleagues, or connections. Learners who completed UAT and beta courses were also invited to provide additional feedback via focus groups.

Finally ready for unveiling, Lattice University was presented on the main stage at Lattice’s Resources for Humans virtual conference in September 2023, which attracted over 10,000 attendees. This enabled the team to engage with a large and diverse audience, create substantial buzz, and foster interest in the program. 

Feeling the impact  

The real impact of Lattice University was felt as attendees left the conference with a firsthand understanding of the program’s value, resulting in a surge of enrollments and user engagement. Less than six weeks after launching, Lattice registered nearly 1,700 unique users, logged 3,400 virtual course registrations, and hosted over 800 Champ Camp attendees. 

As Lattice University grows, the team is leveraging WorkRamp’s integration with Salesforce to expose registrations and completions by account, enabling internal self-service. These metrics and ongoing monitoring of user growth, completion rates, and content improvement are key indicators of the program’s success in driving ROI and enhancing Lattice’s learning initiatives.

What’s ahead for Lattice University

To build on Lattice University’s early success and drive continued growth, the team has a comprehensive roadmap for the future. Over the next few years, they’ll be developing learning paths and Champ Camps for additional Lattice products–Career Growth, Compensation, Analytics, and their new HRIS–to provide People professionals with tools to complete their People Program Suite.

Additionally, they are creating certifications for each of these paths, allowing People professionals to showcase their achievements and share their knowledge within their professional networks, expanding the reach and impact of their learning initiatives.

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Congratulations to Jeenie and the Lattice team for launching Lattice University on the Customer Learning Cloud and winning The Astronaut LEARNIES Award! To learn how to perfect your People strategy and take your HR skills to the next level, check out Lattice University.

Lattice is a cutting-edge People management platform designed to empower organizations to foster a high-performance and engaged workforce. By seamlessly integrating performance management, employee engagement, and continuous feedback, Lattice enables companies to cultivate a culture of transparency, collaboration, and growth.  Follow Lattice on LinkedIn for more news and company updates.

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