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Empowering 105 New Hires through Holistic CX Enablement

The WorkRamp LEARNIES Awards celebrate the best and most impactful learning programs powered by WorkRamp. 

In this customer spotlight, discover how one of our 2023 LEARNIES winners, Brex, created a CX onboarding training program to equip new hires with the necessary skills to provide a seamless customer support experience.

Hear from Brex’s Manager of Learning Experiences, Molly Shields, on how Brex launched the program, its impact, and how the team has achieved remarkable customer satisfaction through these CX enablement efforts. 

Designing a holistic onboarding program

Providing exceptional customer experiences is essential to increasing customer retention, building lasting relationships, and fostering brand loyalty. 

Brex prioritizes customer retention by maintaining high service standards to ensure every interaction leaves customers satisfied and inspired.

To equip CX (Customer Experience) reps with the necessary skills and resources, Brex developed a three-week CX onboarding training program.

 This holistic CX enablement program combined multiple instructional approaches: 

  • On-the-job training (OJT): Frequent shadowing sessions with subject matter experts (SMEs) to solidify role expectations and provide consistent reference points for scaffolding knowledge
  • Problem-based learning (PBL): Scaling organizations often struggle to upskill employees. Brex uses PBL to encourage learners to use available resources in problem-based situations
  • Learning in the flow: Using microlearning modules, training content is broken down into short, digestible modules to help learners quickly access and absorb information on their time. Brex also uses interactive simulations to engage learners
  • Gamification: Learners can earn points or badgers for completing modules, achieving milestones, or demonstrating specific skills. These interactive, game-like elements recognize learners’ achievements and add an element of friendly competition. They also have company leaderboards activated in WorkRamp, which helps with engagement and friendly competition among learners 

Aligning on contact tenets

The program combines these instructional approaches with Brex’s CX contact tenets to help new hires advance and drive learner engagement and knowledge retention. 

Protect the customer

At Brex, building trust is at the center of every customer interaction. They are the stewards of customers’ data and funds, and in CX especially, the first line of defense against fraud.

Treat every customer like a VIP

There is a customer relationship with an entire company at the other end of every call, chat, or email. Brex encourages reps to treat every customer as a premium relationship.

Reduce customer effort

When customers need help, they want a timely resolution. Be efficient and find the solution that requires the least amount of effort from the customer.

Solve the problem

Resolving customer problems is the first priority of the CX team. The team strives to assist customers and communicate in a way that builds confidence, always being positive, clear, and thorough. 

Launching the program for new hires

The CX onboarding training program was launched across various channels, including virtual welcome sessions and collaborative launch pads where participants could share their thoughts and expectations. 

Transparent feedback is an integral part of the learning culture at Brex; as such, each iteration’s launch provided an opportunity for advancing improvements and elevating content.

Feeling the impact

Brex has seen impressive results following the launch of its three-week CX onboarding program.

  • 105 CX new hires assisted in resolving 168,761 customer contacts (YTD) with an overall Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) ranking of 94.96%
  • The considerable ROI is the advancement of baseline confidence for learners, which averages +28.97% YTD 
  • The holistic approach increased average assessment scores for the 105 learners to 94.23%, with a highlighted favorable rating for Learner Satisfaction (LSAT) of 91.27%


“WorkRamp’s personalized learning paths, performance tracking, and analytics, along with its scalability, have empowered our team to deliver impactful learning experiences that drive success,” says Molly Shields, Learning Experience Manager. “Through customized learning experiences, employees can concentrate on acquiring the knowledge and skills essential to their job roles, resulting in heightened engagement and effectiveness. Additionally, WorkRamp offers comprehensive performance tracking and analytics tools, enabling our team to monitor individual learners’ progress and pinpoint areas for enhancement. Whether it’s onboarding new hires, upskilling existing employees, or providing compliance training, WorkRamp can flexibly adapt to meet diverse organizational needs and requirements.”

Congratulations to the Brex team for launching their CX onboarding program on the Employee Learning Cloud and winning The Learnovation Award at The LEARNIES! 

Brex’s mission is to empower employees to make better financial decisions by building a first-of-its-kind solution to integrate the financial services and software employees need along the way. For opportunities to join a team that prioritizes both customer and employee success, check out their careers page

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