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5 Ways to Successfully Launch Your Customer Education Academy

You already know the value of a successful customer education academy and how it can help users get the most out of your products and services and help you reach business goals.

You’ve worked with internal teams, gotten customer feedback on pain points, and buy-in from key stakeholders to get the necessary resources.

Your customer education academy is ready to launch, but before you unveil your newest resource, ensure you know the steps to take before, during, and after launch.

To successfully unveil your customer education academy, give these five pro tips a go. 

1. Create onboarding and welcome emails

When you create onboarding materials for customers and partners, invite them to your customer education academy.

This may seem obvious, but it’s important to make it as easy as possible for customers and partners to access helpful resources that will empower them to use your products and excel in their roles.

Inviting customers to your academy in welcome emails is an easy way to ensure they have what they need right away and that you’re there to support them in their onboarding journey.

A positive onboarding experience can provide quicker time to value and ROI, help you reduce churn, and increase brand loyalty.

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Add your academy to your header and footer

If your academy is open to all of your customers, why not add a link in your website header or footer? This little addition makes it easy for current customers to access your academy from anywhere.spinify footerImage source: Spinify

Adding links to your header and footer is also a great way to show prospects that you care about your customers and are invested in customer training and success. 

Use your academy for customer support

Ensure that your support team has proper training on your academy. That way, when customers have questions, your support team can encourage them to use the academy to troubleshoot and answer questions in the future.

When customers have the ability to self-serve using your academy, it can reduce support time and costs. Customer training can help users get up to speed on your product and ease the burden on your support team.

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Add your academy to in-app call-outs

Include call-outs to your academy directly in your application. This will help users keep your academy top of mind. 

“Anytime users login to Spinify, they’ll see a pop-up,” Mia Ford, Head of Customer Engagement at Spinify, shares. “It says, for example, ‘you haven’t tried this before; how about coming into our academy to learn how to use it? Or how about getting certified so you can become a Spinify ninja.’” 

When customers need support, they know exactly where to go and don’t have to search elsewhere for answers.

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Make course completion mandatory

For your customer education academies, you can make onboarding courses mandatory to ensure users understand the product. This will also help speed up time to value and increase product adoption.

You can also make certain courses and certifications requirements for partner enablement academies. This ensures that your partners are properly equipped to resell.

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By creating a customer education academy, you are equipping users with the resources they need to get the most out of your product or service. This will help them excel in their roles and create loyal brand advocates.

“We want customers to market for us; they should be shouting from the rooftops about our product. Customer education is a type of marketing we can’t pay for. Your program can drive product adoption and build awareness.”


Tony Vaughn, Director of Customer Education, Qualified

Creating your customer education academy is only the beginning. Follow these tips to plan a successful launch.

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