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Customer Education


Learn how Spinify scaled customer training and onboarding to increase product adoption.

With customers and staff based worldwide, the Spinify team struggled with coordinating highly manual and time-consuming onboarding and training across multiple time zones.

They needed a one-stop shop for educational content to support users in ramping up on and maintaining product knowledge. spinify case study

How Spinify builds engaging customer curriculum with WorkRamp

Varying modalities

Spinify keeps learning fun with interactive features, including flip cards, video, audio, and more.

Easy, intuitive UI

WorkRamp’s user-friendly interface enables Spinify’s team to create new courses easily within 2 to 3 days.

Post-course surveys

Spinify collects instant feedback by triggering in-app surveys after course completions.

“We wanted an LMS that would be user-friendly for our customers and myself, and, ultimately, add lifetime value to our product. That’s definitely something WorkRamp has brought to the table.”

-Mia Ford, Head of Customer Engagement

WorkRamp is the All-in-One Learning Platform that your executives, employees, and customers will love. Want to take your customer education program to the next level? Contact us at today.

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