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Learn how Qualified was able to scale their customer education efforts and turn customers into advocates.

How WorkRamp Gave Qualified An End-to-End Solution For Customer Education And Sales Enablement

The Challenge

Qualified is the pipeline generation platform for revenue teams that run on Salesforce. Enterprise sales and marketing teams at leading B2B brands trust Qualified and their Pipeline Cloud to grow their sales pipeline by tapping into their greatest marketing asset—their corporate website—to identify the most valuable buyers, uncover signals of buyer intent and instantly start sales conversations, leading to a 6x increase in pipeline.

Tony Vaughn, the Director of Qualified University, previously led a partner enablement team at Salesforce. When he came to Qualified, Tony was responsible for leading all customer education, which included technical documentation, courses, certifications, and video education. As a rapidly growing company, there was an urgent need to enable Qualified customers on how they could use their tools to build pipeline for their companies.

Tony’s task was to secure the company’s first customer education platform. But when he first started his position, there was no external training platform for customers; most product documentation consisted of blog posts and marketing pages.

“Our initial goal was to get live in under 30 days,” Tony said. “We needed a tool we could use to train customers at scale and help make enablement a key piece of our entire business.”

After consulting with his peers in the customer education space, he also wanted to prove the value of Customer Education for the business and show that trained accounts were at least 2x more likely to renew and were better prepared to use Qualified to grow pipeline. WorkRamp was the only platform that gave him the analytics and Salesforce integration needed to prove his impact.

Tony wanted to expand from documentation-style blog posts to videos, quizzes, and certifications and use one system for internal and customer enablement. With a lean team, it was essential to be able to launch quickly and iterate on content as they received feedback internally and externally.

“We needed to have structured and scaffolded learning,” Tony said. “We needed to have documentation be documentation; marketing be marketing and learning be learning. WorkRamp gave us the ability to draw a line in the sand between courses, guides and videos, and product documentation.”

The Solution

Tony thoroughly evaluated competing solutions before deciding on WorkRamp. He was in the final stages with a competitor when he opted to receive a demo of WorkRamp.

“We needed something that matched our corporate brand, was fairly priced, and would enable us to scale,” Tony said. “Those were the three deciding factors that made us choose WorkRamp over any other competitors.”

WorkRamp offered an end-to-end solution for both customer education and sales enablement. The team at Qualified loved the drag-and-drop editor for content creation—a feature that was more appealing than the SCORM editor offered by competitors. It also allowed his team to focus on purchasing only one platform rather than having to purchase multiple and to focus on building content quickly.

By having one internal and external training platform, internal sales and success teams could use versions of the same content to enable their rapidly growing teams. With WorkRamp’s easy-to-use content editor and Salesforce integrations, Qualified learned the platform quickly and deployed it without needing additional headcount to administer the LMS.

“The most critical thing for us was ensuring our system would drive a connected experience,” Tony said. “WorkRamp allowed me to understand what customers were being trained and pass them  to our success team, capture prospects exploring our customer education content and pass them to our sales team, and then report on ALL of it in Salesforce, without needing to pay for professional services.”

The Results

Tony loved the implementation experience with WorkRamp and developed a close working partnership with Nora and Alaina on the WorkRamp team. Since Qualified is a leading tool for companies looking to build their pipeline, the need for more content to help scale the Success team is paramount. WorkRamp has been able to help him scale his efforts and engagingly train their customers.

As Qualified started to build a sales enablement team, Tony partnered with the team to launch WorkRamp internally. Rather than building content for each persona, internal sales and success teams could use versions of the same content to enable their rapidly growing teams. By using the WorkRamp content library, Qualified created focused product training and improved their ramp time.

WorkRamp made it simple for Qualified to build a connected learning platform that felt like a natural part of their University. WorkRamp’s reporting and analytics features allow him to prove the impact of his customer education efforts. Their other customer programs, workshops, and product events have helped guide the direction of his team and other enablement efforts at Qualified.

“We’re thrilled with WorkRamp and are so excited to continue using it to meet the needs of our customers,” Tony said. “As businesses look to uncover more pipeline, there’s a key need to understand our products and how they can unlock sales meetings, lead conversations, and qualified pipe. WorkRamp allows us to do this at scale.”

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