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5 Customer Academies That Drive Product Adoption

You care about your customers, so show them you’re invested in their success. 

Creating a customer academy is one of the most effective ways to provide the training and resources users need to get the most out of your product or service. This level of product knowledge produces power users who not only excel in their roles but also advocate for your brand. 

Discover how five WorkRamp customers have created customer education academies to increase product adoption and drive customer engagement.

Academies driving product adoption

Customers use WorkRamp in different, innovative ways to create best-in-class learning experiences for their users. Check out the unique ways WorkRamp customers leverage our external solutions to create loyal brand champions and product experts through their Academies. 

Hopin Learn

hopin learn

Hopin is a venue for hosting online and hybrid events and helps customers build flexible, scalable, and interactive event experiences. To help their customers deliver world-class event experiences, Hopin created Hopin Learn to educate customers on how to use their product effectively through courses, certifications, and events. Hopin also has their own video team that helps them create in-depth, high-quality videos for customers–one of the most effective ways of delivering training. 

Here’s how Hopin drives value for customers: 

  • Hopin has a comprehensive list of courses from onboarding to best practices
  • Hopin uses events so their customers can find live sessions to make onboarding easy

Qualified University

qualified university

Qualified is the #1 pipeline generation platform for revenue teams that use Salesforce. To help customers drive more pipeline through Qualified, the team has created Qualified University–which uses certifications to help admins and employees understand the product and best practices. 

In addition to certifications on WorkRamp, Qualified has built out an entire University landing page that features articles, best practices, product information, and certifications—all in one place to better serve their customers. 

Here are some examples of how Qualified fuels user adoption and engagement:

  • The “Qualified Pipeline Visionary” certification helps employees understand how to use Qualified to generate pipeline
  • Qualified’s certifications have comprehensive lessons with videos, quizzes, and lessons to ensure customers fully understand the product

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Workiva Learning Hub


Workiva transforms the way people manage and report data. To help customers better manage data, Workiva created the Workiva Learning Hub with various training options such as self-service learning, guided paths, and certifications so customers can choose their preferred method of learning. 

Workiva also implements a “Custom Learning Journey” quiz to help customers identify what courses they should start taking in the Learning Hub.

Here’s how the Workiva Learning Hub drives customer product knowledge:

  • Workiva’s customers can filter through their comprehensive course library to find what they need quickly and easily 
  • Workiva offers a variety of certifications their customers can take to solidify their understanding of the product and become an expert 

Quantum Metric University

quantum metric universityQuantum Metric helps customers build better digital products faster. To help their customers get up to speed on their product, Quantum Metric has created Quantum Metric University (QMU), which provides customers with a combination of self-service learning, badges, and certifications to help them get value from the platform immediately. 

Here are some ways QMU caters to a variety of unique learning styles:

  • Quantum Metric offers on-demand training courses to help customers get started
  • Quantum Metric has unique badges customers can earn by completing a training course
  • Quantum Metric has many certifications customers can complete to become product experts

Matillion Academy


Matillion helps customers transform their data for their cloud data warehouses. Matillion created an Academy that offers training courses and guides to help customers get up to speed quickly and become accredited Matillion experts. 

Here are some ways Matillion Academy helps users get up to speed on the platform:

  • Matillion Academy features popular courses at the top of the page so customers can get quick access
  • Matillion customers get a certificate after completing training courses to verify user knowledge on various topics

Academies help to transform customers into product evangelists

With WorkRamp Academies, customers have found a learning platform that helps drive value for their users quickly through scalable training. As a result, our customers have reduced churn, nurtured product experts, and created loyal brand champions.

If you’re interested in driving better business outcomes for your customers and creating an Academy they will love to use, then contact us to schedule a free, personalized demo.  



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