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LEARN Recap: 3 Expert Tips for Growing Product Adoption & Revenue

Product adoption is vital for your organization’s success. It helps to improve customer onboarding and customer experience. And when your customers can use your products to help them excel in their roles, they become power users and loyal brand advocates. 

So, how can you increase product adoption?

During our first global virtual event, WorkRamp LEARN Europe, Erick Ferreira, Sr. Data/ETL Manager, Matillion Academy, Matillion, shares expert advice for creating customer experiences to drive product adoption and revenue.  

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Erick gave us several tips on how to use customer education for product adoption and revenue based on his experience using WorkRamp to build Matillion Academy.

Use these insights to improve product adoption and customer satisfaction. 

Get started with what you have

When it comes to building customer education resources, Erick recommends simply getting started. 

He started with Matillion giving live virtual training to partners and clients. However, he could only handle 5 to 8 people per week, and the operation wasn’t scalable. 

So he took on the project of creating customer education that had the same impact as one-on-one training but could scale beyond one-on-one interaction. So he decided to recreate the in-person training he’d already been giving with the resources available—which were sparse at first.

He used a screen-recording tool to recreate the existing training and launched the Academy with simple curriculum. As traffic to the training increased, he was able to get more resources, including a video person, to improve the content. 

This approach worked. Matillion Academy currently has over 12,000 engaged customers, with more joining every month.

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How did Erick improve the content? He talked about the importance of being engaging, especially when it comes to data.

At the beginning, it was ‘click here, click there, type this,’ and so on, he says. So now we’re jumping into more of the human aspect in the training as well. Not only technical information but also trying to create fun exercises and start creating challenges around data. For example, using historical data about weather or sports to predict the weather or next winner of the championship.

However, the key was to get started. You can’t know how your training will do, or how customers will respond, until you put it out there. 

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Measure results

Once you’ve put something out into the market, it’s time to pay attention to what your customers tell you about the training—and to how trained customers are different than other customers in terms of impact on your business.

Of course, with Matillion being a data company, they track a number of analytics.

We asked Erick which metrics are tracked for Matillion Academy, and he gave us a great list:

  • Number of registrations
  • Course completions
  • Learners by geography if you’re a global company
  • How training impacts customer use of the product
  • Which companies are most engaged, and how to create additional value for them specifically
  • How many people pass the certification exam
  • How well improvements to the Academy reduce certification fail rates
  • Correlating the performance of the company with growth in Academy participation

Of course, you may not be able to track all of these items. So we also asked what metrics Erick thinks are most important for businesses to focus on. 

“You need to check how many people are joining your Academy,” he says. “Then, you’re going to improve engagement by looking at how many people are completing courses. The most important step is looking at how this is impacting your business. Hopefully you’re going to see that people learn, are more engaged, and your business metrics are going to be better as well.” 

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Add content to your academy based on feedback and growth

Customer feedback and business growth can help you make necessary changes to improve your academy and customer education resources.

Some customers will ask a company representative for specific training. Other times, you’ll need to use less direct information, such as customer service requests, common problems during onboarding, and even features that are discussed most often in sales conversations.

“We collected feedback, and we had a list of content that people wanted to see,” Erick says. “That became my second training course. I also started counting how many pieces of feedback we had about a specific topic and then created our next step from that.” 

You can also add content based on new products your company produces. For example, Matillion recently rolled out a product called Data Productivity Cloud, and Erick is planning to create new training for the Academy to help improve adoption and the value users get from the product. 

As your Academy grows, you can also build your training development team. This can allow you to add video, animations, and more that make your content more engaging for learners. 

As Erick says, “When you have great content, it’s not only about the content and the technical information; it’s also about the format that you’re presenting.”

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