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Celebrating Excellence: WorkRamp Launches The LEARNIES to Spotlight Top Learning Programs

In today’s world, providing a competitive edge is more critical than ever, and learning is one big way to move the needle. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce The LEARNIES, our first-ever customer awards dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the best and most impactful learning programs powered by WorkRamp.

We’re so excited to showcase the amazing work our customers are achieving with WorkRamp every day on the (virtual) stage, and by spotlighting these organizations and teams that are driving growth through learning, we hope to inspire others to take their training and development for employees, customers, and partners to the next level as well. 

Award categories

The LEARNIES include several categories designed to highlight different aspects of exceptional learning programs across Revenue Enablement, L&D, and Customer/Partner education powered by WorkRamp:

  • The Learnovation Award: Recognizes the employee learning program with the most creative holistic design to drive ongoing learner engagement and knowledge retention.
  • The Out-of-this-World Award: Spotlights the employee learning program with the most creative launch strategy and most impactful execution. 
  • The Impact Award: Highlights the GTM enablement program that has driven the most rep engagement and business impact through learning. 
  • The Changemaker Award: Highlights the L&D program that has driven the most learner engagement and impacted business results through learning. 
  • The Astronaut Award: Recognizes the most creative customer or partner academy launch strategy and most impactful execution. 
  • The Oscar: Spotlights the customer or partner academy that has driven the most learner engagement, member retention, and business results through learning.
  • VIP Community Champion: WorkRamp-nominated award that recognizes three VIP community members who encourage active peer-to-peer engagement, collaboration, and connection. 


Nominations for The LEARNIES are now open to all organizations using WorkRamp for their learning and development programs! Fill out this application to submit your nomination.

Winners will be announced by WorkRamp’s CEO and Co-Founder, Ted Blosser, at WorkRamp LEARN Virtual Summit on November 8, 2023. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase how your organization’s culture of learning has changed the game. We can’t wait to hear your success stories and celebrate your wins! 


Can you apply for more than one category?

Yes! We know many of you are using WorkRamp for more than one learning use case or managing multiple programs for your organization, and we invite you to share your wins for all relevant categories. 

Will the information provided in my application be used elsewhere? 

Some of the answers provided in your application may be used to spotlight and promote your work publicly on the WorkRamp website, in the VIP community, and/or on LinkedIn, in which case, we will reach out for final approval prior to publishing. 

When and how are winners picked?

Applications are open through October 27th. Winners will be chosen by a panel of WorkRamp employees during the week of October 30th to be announced at LEARN on November 8th. 

What do we get for winning?

  • A virtual badge
  • Recognition at LEARN Virtual Summit on November 8th, 2023
  • Recognition across WorkRamp channels (social, website, etc.)
  • Ongoing bragging rights 🙂
  • Special prizes will be sent to all winners! 

Get your nominations in, and join us on November 8th at 9 am PT for WorkRamp LEARN Virtual Summit to meet our LEARNIES award winners.

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