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Quantum Metric

Quantum Metric uses WorkRamp as its company-wide LMS — powering internal and external training for thousands of global learners.

Quantum Metric is a continuous product design platform that supports digital experiences for brands such as Alaska Airlines, Lululemon, and Lenovo—capturing 20% of the world’s web traffic. 

As the Director of Enablement, Chauncy Cay Ford launched Quantum Metric University (QMU) to train and educate over 1800 Quantum Metric customers and partners with WorkRamp. QMU’s content also serves as the foundation for Quantum Metric’s internal product training and onboarding programs. Chauncy explains why Quantum Metric relies on WorkRamp as the LMS of choice to educate customers, partners, and internal teams.

What are your business outcomes?

Create exceptional learner experiences 

Our main priority with Quantum Metric University is to ensure that customers have a successful, seamless experience with our product. With Quantum Metric University, we’ve developed a platform with over 50 training modules that provide in-context, bite-sized, searchable information to assist customers’ understanding of how to use our product to its fullest potential. Since launching QMU last year, we’ve awarded over 1000 product certifications to our customers

Evangelize customers

My goal is for each Quantum Metric customer to reach what I call an “aha-doption” moment, where they truly learn to embrace our product as their own to accomplish their unique business goals. With the knowledge they gather from our trainings and certifications, they’re able to then evangelize the rest of their company. Nearly 75% of our customers have completed trainings in QMU—that means that nearly three-quarters of our customers are actively working toward becoming champions of our product.

Why is LMS consolidation important?

Single source of truth

I discovered WorkRamp when our Sales Enablement team adopted it as the platform for internal training. We quickly realized how beneficial it would be to have one product content library—a singular source of truth for all things Quantum Metric. Having all learning information for internal and external stakeholders in one place makes sense—not only from an investment standpoint, but also from a knowledge-sharing standpoint. 

Shared content resources across teams

With all of our internal and external training in one platform, we’re able to leverage existing pieces of content as we develop new training modules, saving time and resources. For example, we repurposed our Quantum Metric Fundamentals course—originally developed for the customer education program—to internally train our teams on the product. By leveraging existing training content and best practices across multiple teams, we were able to quickly build each team and role’s learning paths and onboard 90 new hires in 90 days without a hitch!

A unified understanding of our product and values

Everyone across the business–customers, partners, and employees–are all trained on the same product learning modules. This is critical for our business because we’re establishing a shared understanding of our product among all of our internal and external learners at Quantum Metric. We’re all talking about our product the same way internally and externally, which allows us to better evangelize our product and company vision with our customers. 

Why WorkRamp?

Customizable training modules

Each of our customers have their own, unique business goals and backgrounds, so we aim to customize our training modules as much as possible. With WorkRamp’s platform, we can customize training to provide value to each one of our unique customers. Ultimately, we have a lot of information to share with thousands of learners; WorkRamp gives us the ability to serve up content in a variety of formats—whether it be a video, checklist, interactive activity, or searchable written content.

Easy-to-learn for admins and content creators

When I evaluated Learning Management System options, I prioritized ease-of-use. With some platforms, there’s an element of having to learn the system itself. We wanted to make sure that our partners and employees were able to focus on learning content, not learning how to navigate our LMS. WorkRamp did that for us—it gave us a platform that was accessible for our entire audience.

Learning Center of Excellence

Our entire company uses WorkRamp—all training guides for new hire onboarding, continuous learning initiatives, and partner and customer education live in WorkRamp. We see it as a great investment, because we’re able to build upon existing training, scale content across the organization, and promote an internal culture of learning and growth. We even encourage our employees to tap into training for different roles at the company and take in the opportunity to spend a day in someone else’s shoes. We’re all about building and sharing tribal knowledge, and growing together, WorkRamp helps us do that.

Why partner with WorkRamp?

“WorkRamp has allowed us to take a different approach to training—it’s given us one magical space where we can put on our creative design hats to design and share learning materials with our entire community of customers and employees,” says Chauncy Cay Ford, Director of Enablement at Quantum Metric.

With WorkRamp, Quantum Metric has been able to:

  • Build over 50+ product training paths in QMU in just a few weeks
  • Train and certify 75% of its customers on product offerings
  • Award 1,000+ certifications in the first year
  • Effectively onboard 90 new employees in 90 days
  • Democratize training content across the business 
  • Save time and resources with a consolidated internal and external LMS

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