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5 Areas of Opportunity for AI to Uplevel Customer Content Delivery

The future of AI in learning is bright, and our co-founders, Arsh Mand (CTO) and Ted Blosser (CEO) are embarking on an Excellent AI Adventure throughout Summer 2023 to connect with leaders in the learning community to find out just how bright it can get. 

Stop number three on their tour–Jasper, the generative AI content platform for marketers that learns from brands to consistently match tones and styles, making it simple for teams to create anything written, from basic tweets to executive speeches.

With the organization’s dedication to supporting content creation across the board with AI, it’s no surprise that their Customer Education Lead, Sara Patel, had a wealth of ideas to share about the potential she sees for AI in customer learning. 

Consider these five areas of opportunity for AI to help elevate customer content development and delivery.

1. Course design

Content creation is a huge lift, and getting it right from start to finish is paramount when the content is customer and prospect-facing in an external academy.

Having the help of AI, not only to sharpen the tones and writing style but also to tie up the final details of overall course design–like compelling summaries and catchy titles–can be incredibly helpful with getting courses over the line. 

“When I get to the end of creating my courses,” says Sara, “I realize I still have to find imagery, write a compelling description and engaging lesson objective blurbs, think of a catchy title…There are so many little things that still have to be done after my content is developed, and I would love it if AI could auto-generate all of that for me.” 

2. Promotion templates

Inspired by Jasper’s own template library of over 50 use cases, Sara would love the help of AI to create social media templates based on course content and support ongoing academy promotion efforts. 

Currently, it’s part of Sara’s workflow to share out links for newly finished courses in the Jasper community forum, but to help amplify content further, she would ideally want to lean on AI to help her generate a package of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn posts after she finished creating each course so that the team can easily promote. 

3. Auto-grading

As a public-facing learning hub, Jasper Academy, powered by WorkRamp’s Customer Learning Cloud, has content for customers and prospects, including their official certification, Jasper Certified 2023.

However, opening up this certification opportunity to so many learners presents a grading challenge for Sara, which is where she sees AI coming in to assist.  

“The problem is it’s not scalable because it’s all manually graded,” she says. “If there was a way to train AI to grade a bulk of the content and just flag any answers that might be unclear, then I could just go check anything that’s been flagged instead of manually going through everything.” 

4. Real-time feedback/hints

“Getting things wrong can sometimes create a lot of frustration for adult learners and be an impediment to people’s motivation to continue taking courses, especially if they keep failing,” Sara says.

And while she feels like official certifications should test knowledge without assistance or prompts, she could see AI being helpful within training courses if it had the ability to provide real-time feedback or hints and guide learners back on the right track before submitting final answers.  

5. Video scripts

Sara leverages a lot of video in her learning content, and with how time-consuming it is to bring to life, she sees the opportunity for AI to be a game-changer in the development process. 

“I would love AI to go through all of the course content that I wrote and produce a great video script,” she says. “Then I could further edit the length or tone, which WorkRamp’s AI Assist can already do right now, and because I have Jasper, I would also put them in Jasper and create a script of highlights, which I could use for creating a preview-type video to get people interested enough to take the full course.” 

AI would help Sara save significant time by doing the heavy lifting of script-writing and enable her to maximize output by creating additional content pieces from a single script. 

Upleveling content creation with AI

There are so many points along a content creator’s journey in which AI can boost efficiency and improve overall quality, and we’re excited about all the possibilities for elevating the way customer education leaders create and deliver training.  

Want to learn more about how the Learning Cloud’s generative AI capabilities can help? We’d love to chat!  

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Megan Leung

Senior Customer Marketing Manager, WorkRamp

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