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3 Ways to Lean on AI From a Cutting-Edge Enablement Leader

The future of AI in learning is bright, and our co-founders, Arsh Mand (CTO) and Ted Blosser (CEO), are embarking on an Excellent AI Adventure throughout Summer 2023 to connect with leaders in the learning community to find out just how bright it can get. 

On the first stop of their virtual listening tour, they sat down with the Senior Manager of Enablement at Chronosphere, Jenn Casper. Jenn is responsible for creating, managing, and delivering curriculum for Chronosphere’s four-week onboarding program and continuous enablement for 80 go-to-market team members. Given the focus on efficiency, she is looking for any way to achieve more scale.

Enter AI. Here are three ways she’s tapping into the power of AI as an enablement leader.

1. Creating first drafts of assets

AI-generated content can serve as a great starting point for building assets. Jenn leverages ChatGPT to come up with basic templates for things like emails, elevator pitches, and processes, which she’ll then elaborate upon and customize accordingly.

She also uses it to help automate research, which can be a time-consuming part of creating content. With the skeletons of her content built out via AI-generated templates, she can focus the majority of her efforts on the more technical details.

2. Generating content directly within their LMS

With the recent release of WorkRamp’s AI Assist, Jenn has the ability to lean on AI directly within the content blocks in WorkRamp’s Employee Learning Cloud.

This functionality has been especially useful for writing introductory blurbs to their more in-depth content and providing cursory guidance on elements of writing like tone, and it gives individuals on the greater team (like her interns!) the ability to help contribute to some training creation without needing a high level of technical knowledge.

3. Supporting change management efforts

Beyond curriculum development and training delivery, another big part of the enablement role is change management. To make part of that process more efficient, Jenn takes advantage of AI to ghostwrite announcement emails for new training launches and updates on behalf of her leadership team.

She can then quickly pass those drafts over for edits and final approvals before they’re sent out to the entire company. 

The future of AI in enablement

These early AI applications are already impacting the enablement space, and there’s still more to come.

“Reading between the lines–that’s what AI is so good at,” Jenn says, and with that power, she sees even greater potential for AI in enablement to help with analyzing curriculums and learner data for training gaps, giving coaching recommendations and content suggestions, automating reporting on learning trends, and more.  

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