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WorkRamp Spring Release: Automated Workflows, Compliance Features, & More

Today, we’re excited to announce the newest features in WorkRamp to give your teams more ways to automate assignment workflows, achieve higher compliance rates, and improve the Academies experience for your customers. 

In this Spring Release, we’re launching the following features:

  • Workflow automations for assignments
  • Compliance workflows
  • Events experience features
  • Academies enhancements

Automated Learner Workflows

Our newest feature makes it significantly easier for teams to launch and automate training assignments based on a number of triggers. Admins can now assign new training based on guide completion and user attributes, or schedule triggers to assign new training after a set period of time.

As companies scale and more employees get onboarded, it becomes tougher for Admins to administer their learning programs with the rising demand. These new workflows will help Admins manage and automate manual, time-consuming processes around guide assignments. 


Advanced Compliance Features

These latest features give HR admins the ability to enforce compliance through learner reminder notifications and manager escalation emails, and report on learner and organizational training completion rates.

These features will help businesses achieve compliance by allowing admins to drive and enforce completion across their organization and ensure that employees are staying compliant with regulations at all times.



Improved Event Experience

Our new events enhancements help improve the event experience for learners and admins. 

Now, Admins can set up Event Series on WorkRamp so learners can enroll in multiple event sessions with a single click–contributing to higher registration and attendance rates over time.  

Additionally, our Zoom Auto-track feature automatically tracks training attendance hosted on Zoom. Automatically verifying event attendance through the native Zoom integration greatly reduces the administrative burden of manual attendance tracking and increases the accuracy of recorded attendance.


Academies Enhancements

We’ve added new features to our Academies product to enhance the admin and learner experience.

New Email Branding: Admins can automatically send custom-branded welcome emails to new registrants in their academy

New Registration Types: We’ve added checkbox registration fields to customize and collect more granular user specifications at learner registration.

New Learner Object: You can enable the “must watch video” option to ensure Academy users watch the entire video before moving forward in their training. 

Add Badges to Paths: This helps gamify the learner experience and increase path completion rates.


Generally Available in April

WorkRamp customers get an exclusive first look at all upcoming features, plus product demos and roadmap reviews, through our Quarterly Product Events. If you’re interested in learning more about our Spring release or the WorkRamp Platform in general, please get in touch!

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