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Reimagining Enablement Program Delivery and Management with AI

The future of AI in learning is bright, and our Co-Founders, Arsh Mand (CTO) and Ted Blosser (CEO), are embarking on an Excellent AI Adventure throughout Summer 2023 to connect with leaders in the learning community to find out just how bright it can get. 

On the fourth stop of their virtual listening tour, they met with Ariana Jarvis, Manager, Enablement Operations at Avalara, the tax compliance provider making compliance faster, easier, more accurate, and more reliable for 30,000+ business and government customers around the world. 

Ariana and her team support learning across Avalara, managing enablement for customer-facing employees, customers, and partners. With so much programming to be responsible for, Ariana shared some ideas for how AI can help uplevel the delivery and management of enterprise-wide enablement:  

  1. Intelligent recommendations: With so much learning content available and each department at Avalara managing its own content library, Ariana sees huge potential to leverage AI to intelligently recommend courses for admins to assign or for learners to self-assign based on learner roles, departments, interests, feedback ratings, competencies, and more.

  2. Intelligent analytics and insights: Being data-informed helps learning professionals deliver more tailored, effective learning programs. Ariana sees an opportunity for AI to help analyze program engagement data, create recaps for managers that show learner achievements, courses taken, badges and certifications earned, etc., and tie these insights to role competencies and business impact, such as quota attainment or support cases closed.

  3. Auto-validation: A huge part of managing a learning program involves keeping content up to date, but tracking all the different courses you have live is a big lift, especially if content is spread across various platforms. This is where Ariana envisions AI helping to automate the process of content validation and identify courses by publish and expiration dates so that administrators can easily review, update, or deprecate trainings as needed.

  4. Content creation: WorkRamp’s AI Assist is already helping Ariana and her team create trainings with more ease and in less time, and it’s encouraged them to think of other ways AI can support the content process as well. One functionality Ariana would love to see from AI is the ability to automatically create interactive or engaging modules like quizzes or video clips based on existing training content.

    Additionally, Ariana could see AI being especially helpful in summarizing longer trainings or video content. “We lead quarterly summits for our field enablement team, and they’re always hour-long sessions, but it would be really great if AI could distill those down and create a short 30-minute recap to sell the key takeaways and enable attendees to go back and quickly review what’s most important,” Ariana says.

    With AI to help with creating condensed content, Ariana could also see these shortened trainings being made available for learners who have passed any pre-requisite content.

  1. Adaptive learning: Finally, Ariana sees AI being a key tool for creating adaptive learning experiences. “Ideally,” she says, “it would be great for AI to dynamically adjust content offerings based on somebody’s progress or performance. Instead of testing out of a certain course, I could see AI pushing learners down their respective paths if they need remedial trainings or if they’re ready to advance to the next thing.”

Amplifying the impact of enablement with AI

With how much an enablement function influences an organization, we look forward to exploring AI applications that will further that impact. 

How are you thinking about the possibilities of AI in your own program creation and delivery? Connect with us to learn more about how generative AI within the Learning Cloud can help!

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Megan Leung

Senior Customer Marketing Manager, WorkRamp

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