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3 Tips to Improve Your Learning and Development Program

It’s no secret that an effective learning and development program (L&D) can help you attract and retain talent. But did you know it can also increase productivity and boost job satisfaction and employee morale? 

Overall continuous learning is essential. But just as it’s vital to offer continuous employee training, your learning and development program must continue to evolve. 

In this article, we’ll provide some actionable ways for you to expand your L&D program.

Build a culture of learning and employee development 

A learning culture is critical for any learning and development program. An organization with an employee training program encourages team members to continuously seek and apply new skills and knowledge to improve professional and company performance. 

Training programs help you build resilient and confident teams. This gives organizations a competitive advantage and can decrease employee turnover, which leads to better performance. 

“The only way for a company to truly grow is for everyone to always be their sharpest and to always be willing to get better. The only way to achieve that goal is for your company to be completely invested in learning both in action and time.”


 — Jen Scopo, Instructional Design Manager, WorkRamp 


Some 42 percent of learning and development pros report that creating a learning culture is one of their top three challenges. Besides creating a culture of learning for your organization here are two additional tips to help you improve your L&D program.

Harness the power of technology

To create a high-impact L&D program, you want to give specialists the best tools possible. RedThread Research’s survey of over 300 L&D professionals found that “technology use” was one of the biggest skills L&D will need for the future. 

Learning technology is evolving fast. Learning management systems (LMS) can support L&D programs by making content accessible to different abilities, learning styles, and preferences. LMS platforms can also record individual performance and create different learning environments, like gamified content or social learning experiences. 

Platforms like WorkRamp make it easy for employers and employees to engage with training content and measure the success of a program. These tools also streamline learning processes so that you can free up resources from human resources teams. But most importantly, learning management platforms make learning fun. If you don’t spark genuine interest and capture the learner’s attention, your L&D program will not be effective. 

“WorkRamp enables us to empower teams and their managers to rise to their full potential, which, in turn, boosts employee engagement scores.”


— Robyn Barton, Global Director of Talent Development, PartnerHero


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Be a proactive partner

L&D pros dictate the future of an organization. It’s up to them to look at what’s happening in the world—like work trends, culture shifts, and new technologies, and then apply it to the workplace. 

According to the World Economic Forum, automation will disrupt 85 million jobs by 2025, and robotics will create 97 million new jobs. The top skills needed in 2025 will be:

  • Analytical thinking
  • Creativity 
  • Flexibility 

Learning and development is the core of these changes. Specialists want to help organizations and their people build skills that help maintain a competitive advantage in the future. 

If you’re ready to bring learning front and center in your workplace, learn more about how WorkRamp can help. WorkRamp is an All-in-One Learning Platform that can help you create a culture of learning for your company. Contact us to schedule a free demo!


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