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2024 Spring Release: CMS Insights, Content Specific Reminders, AI Assist Updates, Communities, & Saved Reports

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the newest features available in the WorkRamp Learning Cloud, designed to support you in delivering more unified and engaging learning experiences for employees and customers. 

We’ve launched five brand new features and 11 product enhancements in our 2024 Spring Release, including:

New features 

  • CMS Insights 
  • AI Assist updates  
  • Content-Specific Reminder Settings 
  • Communities updates 
  • Saved Reports

Product enhancements 

  • Learner bookmarks
  • Android mobile app for learners
  • Video playback settings for compliance 
  • WorkRamp prebuilt content source in reports
  • Bulk remove for due dates 
  • UX improvements to learner quick search
  • Sales tax collection support through Stripe
  • Segments & Collections visibility enhancements
  • Date & number filter enhancements in the report builder
  • Academy webhook support for resources 
  • GDPR compliance language for transactional emails 

Employee Learning Cloud

CMS Insights

Creating and optimizing a holistic enablement learning experience depends on data. Now, in WorkRamp CMS, Admins can reference the CMS dashboard to get an aggregate view of engagement data on any stored assets. 

Leverage these insights to surface potential gaps or areas of improvement for your enablement content. 

AI Assist updates

AI continues to be a great tool for supporting the content creation process, which is why we’re thrilled to introduce a fresh set of capabilities for AI Assist in the Guide Editor. 

Admins can now use AI Assist for additional content support, including image generation, video captioning and transcription, and multiple-choice question creation. The expansion of AI support across different content types makes designing and creating engaging courses easier than ever. 

Content-Specific Reminder Settings

 Course completions can be one of the biggest indicators of learner buy-in to your program, so Content-Specific Reminder Settings are here to boost those numbers. 

With these new settings, you can further customize assignment reminders with a send cadence as well as the inclusion of managers and skip-level managers in outreaches to help drive accountability on assignments. 

Customer Learning Cloud

Communities updates


Some of the most powerful learning happens outside the (virtual) classroom, which is why we’ve made some crucial enhancements to our community engagement experience. 

If you’re tapping into WorkRamp Communities as a channel for customer and partner learning beyond the academy, your learners can now engage directly with peers via @-mentions, subscribe to threads, edit and delete posts, search for specific content within your community, and more.

Saved Reports

Data informs the direction of your learning programs, which is why we continue to invest in more accessible reporting in the Customer Learning Cloud

With Saved Reports, admins can now create, edit, and save any frequently run reports to quickly revisit snapshots of important program insights and keep tabs on what’s moving the needle on learner and program performance.  

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Megan Leung

Senior Customer Marketing Manager, WorkRamp

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