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2023 Fall Release: ‘My Team’ Dashboard, Content Overviews, Learner Library Updates & Academy Training Report Builder

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the newest features available in the WorkRamp Learning Cloud, designed to support you in delivering more customized, data-informed learning programs across your organization. 

We’ve launched four brand new features and eight product enhancements in our 2023 Fall Release, including:

  • ‘My Team’ dashboard
  • Learner Library updates
  • Status-driven Content Overviews
  • Badges and Tags on Events
  • S3 updates for HRIS user sync
  • API updates for SCORM files
  • Academy trainings report builder
  • Zapier integration enhancements
  • 3rd party registration support for live events
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Custom attribute support for SSO
  • Microsoft Outlook calendar integration (coming soon)

Employee Learning Cloud

‘My Team’ Dashboard & Content Overviews

 In this release, we’re delighted to introduce two major reporting updates to the Employee Learning Cloud–our enhanced ‘My Team’ manager dashboard and Status-driven Content Overviews. 

With the latest updates to the ‘My Team’ dashboard, not only can managers now get a centralized summary view of learner performance, assignment status and history, and events across their entire organization, but second-level managers can also track team performance with the team roll-up view.  

Status views from the ‘My Team’ dashboard also correlate to Statuses in our new Content Overview pages, designed to help track your learners’ progress, including grading needs and pass/fail results, across all content types. 

This improved accessibility to centralized data across your org chart empowers you and your leadership teams to boost learner engagement, support professional development, and uplift team performance.

Learner Library Updates

Creating personalized learning experiences ensures your learners are engaged from the start. 

With our latest updates to the Learner Library, not only can you make on-demand content more easily discoverable, but you can also select specific content to feature at the top of your Library so that the experience is tailored to meet the needs of your learners. 

Customer Learning Cloud

Academy Trainings Report Builder

You need robust customer education to help scale your customer success efforts, but without data to inform your strategy, this can be a challenge. 

That’s why we’ve made it easier to build and customize reports in the Customer Learning Cloud with our new Academy Trainings Report Builder. Add, remove, or stack filters of your choice to capture the data snapshot you need and get visibility into areas of opportunity for your external learning programs to make a greater impact. 

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Megan Leung

Senior Customer Marketing Manager, WorkRamp

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