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2023 Summer Release: Development Tab, AI Assist & Customer Learning Cloud Hub Manager Updates

Today we’re thrilled to announce the newest features available in the WorkRamp Learning Cloud, designed to support you in delivering more people-centric learning across your organization in less time. 

We’ve launched three brand new features and 9 product enhancements in our 2023 Summer Release, including:

  • WorkRamp Content Development Tab
  • AI Assist 
  • WorkRamp Content Compliance Package (powered by Easy Llama) 
  • Saved Report Enhancements
  • Admin Objects Overview Page Updates
  • Salesforce Events Data
  • Version History ‘Restore’ 
  • New Customer Learning Cloud Admin Navigation 
  • Salesforce Path Reporting
  • Event Visibility by Segment
  • Expiring Certificate Notifications
  • New Export Options on Events and Assignment Submissions

Employee Learning Cloud 

WorkRamp Content Development Tab

Now you can harness the power of LMS + self-driven learning to support professional development for your employees like never before. 

With this quarter’s launch of our fully integrated Development Tab within our WorkRamp Content add-on, learners now have a hub of thousands of self-serve professional development courses at their fingertips, and admins and managers can track and report trends on popular courses, course completions, employee learning, and more. 

AI Assist


Creating and editing original content is a huge lift and can hinder launching trainings on a regular cadence. 

In this release, we’re thrilled to introduce AI Assist so you can leverage the power of Generative AI from directly within our Guide editor to streamline content creation.

Use AI Assist to save time and effort on brainstorming and writing new content, improving elements of your writing like tone and brevity, and simplifying complex explanations into digestible trainings. 

Customer Learning Cloud

New Admin Navigation

Customer education continues to be a top priority for organizations that are committed to scaling success efforts through learning. That’s why we’re so excited about our latest overhaul to Admin navigation for the Customer Learning Cloud, creating a cleaner and more focused user experience for our customer leaders. 

Now with our dedicated Admin console for customer learning, you can manage your Academies independently of your employee learning programs. Simply use the new product switcher to navigate between the Employee and Customer Learning Cloud.  

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