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WorkRamp Summer Release: Assignment Automations, Enhanced Reporting, and More!

Today, we’re excited to announce the newest features in the WorkRamp All-in-One Learning Platform to give your teams more ways to automate and customize engaging learner experiences and apply a company-level lens to reporting. 

We’re announcing nine brand new features and product enhancements for our 2022 Summer Release:

  • Automated Assignments
  • Reporting enhancements
  • BambooHR integration updates
  • Marketplace enhancements
  • Academies enhancements 
  • Content Block enhancements

Internal LMS 

Automated Assignments

We’re continuing our work to make it easier for Admins to launch and automate their training assignments. This summer, the automation engine is being loaded with even more filters, triggers, and actions for Automated Assignments, so teams can pair their intentional learning strategies with hands-off deployment once workflows are set up. Learners will also appreciate being on the receiving end of this flexibility, as they’ll get their assignments at the right time and paced out in the right ways.

automated assignments

Reporting enhancements

Reporting enhancements will allow you to filter on custom attributes relevant to company data, department, or hire date, helping make your reports more meaningful to your team and stakeholders. Additionally, you’ll now be able to create reports for Resources and Events. 

BambooHR integration updates

For those using BambooHR, you can now sync additional employee types beyond full-time salaried workers. Train part-time and commission-only employees more effectively by assigning them to their specific learning paths and being able to track their activity.

Marketplace enhancements

Using templates makes it easy for you to get started with training material. From within our Marketplace, you can easily load any template into WorkRamp. In this release, we’ve added homepage categories, a new search bar, and a new search results page, making it easier for you to find the templates you need quicker.

External LMS 

Academies enhancements

We’ve added new features to our Academies product to improve the Admin and learner experience. 

report enhancements
Custom Fonts: Now, you can add your custom company font into your Academy to improve your company’s branding, look, and feel on WorkRamp.

Advanced Permissions: You can designate Academy-only Admins to simplify the Admin experience and give access to Academies-only content and folders in WorkRamp. 

Reporting enhancements: On Analytics overview pages, we’ll surface more data such as custom registration fields and Segments. You can also export this data as a CSV. 

Segment integration

For those who use Segment, you’ll now be able to centralize and correlate all your relevant customer education data from WorkRamp to your company data on Segment for a more granular analysis of your learning programs. By correlating WorkRamp data to company data on Segment, it’s easier to prove the ROI and impact of your customer education programs. 


Content Block enhancements

For greater customization of content blocks in learner objects, as managed by Admins and appears to learners, we have several enhancements to help make content more impactful, valuable, and engaging.

call outsCallouts: There are now more accessible color schemes for callouts as well as text formatting options.

Flip Cards: You now have options for more text formatting, the inclusion of images, toggling of whether or not the card is mandatory, and the ability to remove the background visual elements.

Uploaded videos: You can now upload a thumbnail image for your videos.

Generally available in July

WorkRamp customers get an exclusive first look at all upcoming features, plus product demos and roadmap reviews, through our Quarterly Product Events. If you’re interested in learning more about our Summer Release or the WorkRamp Platform, please get in touch!

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