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6 Reasons Why Your Company Needs A Unified Training Platform for Employees and Customers

Companies that invest in building a better customer experience see 5-10% higher revenue and drastic increases in the lifetime value of a customer.  In the market, we’ve seen that companies focused on improving the customer experience via product adoption, like WalkMe, have flourished, demonstrating the need for flexible, on-demand, bite-sized learning. 

Over the past few years, we have received feedback from our clients for a customer-facing training tool to complement their current employee training platform. Our more inventive customers even repurposed our internal training platform to train their customers, but it didn’t have the full functionality to be able to properly train and manage customer education.  

After almost a year of research, product development, and feedback from our customers, we are thrilled to announce WorkRamp for Customers, an onboarding and education solution designed specifically for external training. This new solution has the easy-to-use features that have made WorkRamp the go-to choice of companies like Slack, Square and Zoom, while also offering new functionality built specifically to help you onboard, train, and communicate with your customers effectively.

We believe that this is the future of customer training. Want to understand how WorkRamp for Customers will benefit your company?

1.) One end-to-end training system will save your company time and increase ROI

Before today, LMS platforms were intended for either internal enablement or customer-facing training, but not both. The platforms that did offer both were often stale, dull and difficult to use. By consolidating internal and external training into one LMS, you will only have one system to manage and one provider to pay, saving your company time and money.  

Self-serve training means a more productive and effective company. Since customers will get up to speed quickly with engaging, on-demand training, they will generate a lower volume of support tickets. Your CSM team will also have the bandwidth to focus on more strategic activities instead of individually delivering customer training and updates. 

2.) Deliver a unified and consistent message for employees and customers

With WorkRamp for Customers, you can easily repurpose trainings so that the same content is delivered to both employees and customers. This means that no one has to use valuable work hours creating content for different audiences and then distributing and managing it through separate platforms. After all, it is challenging to get everyone on the same page when departments are siloed and working in different systems. 

When you create all your internal and external-facing training from one platform, you can deliver a unified and consistent message because you are sharing content between audiences. That translates to fewer errors, less duplication and higher customer satisfaction. In other words: money in the bank. 

When everyone is on the same page, customers feel like they’re getting the experience that they purchased, from start to finish. 

3.) It’s easy to use – no web developer support necessary! 

When you’re investing in a training solution, you want to make sure you can roll it out as quickly and as seamlessly as possible so that your team can get back to the business of generating revenue. 

Our internal LMS is widely known for being easy to use, and our customer-facing LMS is just as simple. Many other solutions in the market require significant web developer support for customizations and branding. Our solution is production-ready without additional resources because we’ve developed a phenomenal web editor – think Wix but for building a customer training platform!  

Because of its ease-of-use, anyone can build trainings. Democratizing training allows for better collaboration between teams and it reduces the burden on your enablement and training team. 

4.) Your customers will learn more because your content is engaging and fun

The WorkRamp for Customers platform is highly creative and easy to use, and we know that people learn best when they are having fun. With our solution, you can seamlessly create branded custom experiences for each customer, using engaging and exciting tools such as call-out cards, hotspot questions, audio clip recordings, quality video recordings and SCORM content.  

With this style of dynamic, engaging, bite-sized learning, you can expect higher information retention and an increase in product adoption.

5.) Create custom certifications for your customers 

WorkRamp for Customers allows companies to create custom certifications for customers, and then publish those certifications on their LinkedIn profiles. After customers earn a certification in a particular role, such as technical analytics, they can broadcast their new area of expertise. How does this benefit your company? It establishes you as a thought leader in your industry, increases brand awareness, and the certifications themselves can act as a lead generation tool for marketing.

6.) See the full customer journey with our Salesforce reporting integration

Connect your training progress with our Salesforce integration to create a unified view of the customer journey. Engagement data like time spent on training and their score shows who your most engaged customers are and where the learning gaps are in education. This can help you identify advocates within your customer base and help flag unengaged accounts who may be struggling with training. 


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