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Revenue Enablement


Delivering comprehensive onboarding and enablement to drive long-term sales rep success

Swipeclock partners with HR teams to streamline and optimize almost every aspect of human resources–from recruiting and onboarding to payroll and people management–with time and attendance at its core.

Achieving this depends on a team of comprehensively onboarded and trained go-to-market reps who can meet people leaders where they are and support them in taking HR operations to the next level. 

However, the initial sales training experience at Swipeclock was only focused on product content and needed to be bolstered by additional soft skills training. The team also needed an LMS to organize and structure content so that reps could advance through programming in a systematic way.  

In two years of onboarding and enabling sales reps with WorkRamp, Swipeclock has achieved:

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How Swipeclock uses WorkRamp to deliver engaging and scalable sales onboarding and enablement:

  • SCORM compatibility. With WorkRamp’s SCORM compatibility, Swipeclock easily imports external courses to bolster its onboarding program without having to build additional content from scratch
  • Varying modalities. Swipeclock keeps learning fun and engaging with interactive features, including flip cards, video, audio, and knowledge checks
  • Manager notifications. Manager notifications allow Swipeclock’s team leaders to stay hands-on during onboarding and track learner progress, including quiz completions, demo recording submissions, and more.

“A successful sales onboarding track comes down to three things: product training, soft skills training, and role-playing. It needs to be interactive and activity-based, so we prioritized having a system that could support things like quizzing, video content, and recording submissions. WorkRamp is very conducive to those elements, so that made it a really easy decision.”


Seth Eisman, VP of Sales


The Learning Cloud from WorkRamp is the single platform for all your employee and customer learning needs.

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