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Learning & Development, Revenue Enablement

Red Sift

Scaling company-wide & partner onboarding to boost field effectiveness.

With a one-person enablement team, Red Sift needed a way to efficiently ramp their go-to-market teams at scale. Leveraging WorkRamp as their LMS, they built out a comprehensive onboarding program, Liftoff Academy, designed to progress reps through four stages of training to become revenue-generating experts.

The academy saw such great success, they expanded it company-wide, and with all their content housed in WorkRamp, they easily converted the program to serve external partner onboarding as well.

In just over 1.5 years of delivering GTM and partner onboarding with WorkRamp, Red Sift has achieved:

red sift case study statsHow Red Sift uses WorkRamp to deliver engaging and scalable onboarding programs

  • Varying modalities. Red Sift keeps learning interesting with interactive features, including flip cards, video, audio, and more.
  • Challenges. Adding Challenges throughout training enables Red Sift to test knowledge and help drive information retention.
  • All-in-one learning. With all their learning centralized in WorkRamp, Red Sift can easily and quickly repurpose internal training for external partners.

“My goal is to create a safe learning environment and encourage learners that I’m in their corner, I’m their coach, and I’m helping them get better so we can all get better together. WorkRamp has really helped me deliver on that ‘always be learning’ philosophy because it’s so intuitive and easy to make learning engaging and scalable.”  


Ellie Salicetti, Revenue Enablement Manager


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