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MikMak increases employee engagement and customer retention rates by creating their training on WorkRamp.

MikMak Builds Out Engaging Internal and External Learning Experiences with WorkRamp

“We were looking for something fresh and intuitive, with the ability to customize training for any role in our organization. Since we’re a small but rapidly growing company, value and scalability were essential. WorkRamp checked off all the boxes and more.”

Sabena Carim,  Director of Effectiveness and Enablement, MikMak

On a Mission to Create a Culture of Learning

MikMak is a software company that accelerates eCommerce growth for brands by providing them with end-to-end eCommerce analytics, and giving consumers multi-retailer checkout experiences. In 2021, MikMak’s Enablement team received approval to roll out a Learning Management System (LMS) that would scale with their growing workforce and enable them to quickly onboard and train new employees, as well as upskill existing employees efficiently and effectively. Today, MikMak uses Workramp to deliver customized training internally and externally, providing learners with an engaging and effective training experience.

UI, Ease of Use, and Rich Features Get MikMak’s Attention

MikMak’s Director of Effectiveness and Enablement, Sabena Carim, was looking for an LMS that would enable her to create a flexible and streamlined learning environment for the company’s rapidly growing workforce, and provide the resources and tools employees need to be successful. “I was among the first 20 employees at MikMak, and since I joined the company two years ago, we’ve grown to almost 130 people,” she said. “My main goal was to create the foundation for proper onboarding and training, for ramping up new hires and providing existing employees opportunities for skills development. We wanted the learning experience to reflect our company’s culture and values.”

Although she evaluated several solutions, she chose WorkRamp for its ease of use, appealing UI, and rich set of capabilities, as well as its ability to integrate with other platforms such as Slack. Workramp would enable her to leverage existing content or create new content for internal and external audiences, and tailor everything to her specific needs.

“We were looking for something fresh and intuitive, with the ability to customize training for any role in our organization,” she said. “Since we’re a small but rapidly growing company, value and scalability were essential. WorkRamp checked off all the boxes and more.”

Implementation was quick and painless, thanks to WorkRamp’s top-notch support. “The team at WorkRamp was extremely diligent in understanding exactly how to utilize the platform for a company of our size, and everything is tailored specifically for our brand,” Sabena said. “They provided best practices and recommendations based on adult learning principles, to help us develop the best-possible experience.”

90% Engagement in Less than a Week

Once WorkRamp was in place, Sabena rolled out a 15-minute SOX training course for the Engineering team as a trial project. They leveraged Slack and email to promote the course, and tracked engagement in WorkRamp. Within a week of announcing the training, they achieved 90% engagement. “Employees were excited to use WorkRamp,” she said. “Everything is self-serve, which made it easier for people to fit the training into their schedule, and they were able to get up and running with the platform quickly.” 

Next, Sabena’s team developed company-wide trainings for compliance and sexual harassment prevention, then proceeded to developing onboarding programs. “We’re working cross-functionally to build out role-specific content to customize and optimize our onboarding programs for each role, whether the new hire is in engineering, sales, marketing, finance or another department,” Sabena said. 

The team also developed training for MikMak week, a boot camp for new hires to get them up to speed on the company’s culture, benefits and policies. “They have a full week of training and content that they can go through at their own pace in WorkRamp,” Sabena said.

WorkRamp’s out-of-the box reports enable Sabena and her team to track engagement, analyze trends, and gauge training effectiveness. Visualization tools and configurable reporting dashboards help them make data-driven decisions. “I can quickly see who’s completed a training and how many modules are complete,” she said. “It’s easy to filter, sort and export the data and send it to anyone in the organization.” All of the programs are seeing close to 100% engagement rates, exceeding the team’s expectations.

Creating Training Content Is Fun and Simple

WorkRamp simplifies content creation, versioning and content reuse, helping Sabena’s team build out customized training quickly. “Prior to WorkRamp, our content lived in Google drives,” Sabena said. “It could get disorganized, and there was no hierarchy. We were using Zendesk as a makeshift CMS, providing people with links to various articles and training collateral, which wasn’t a scalable approach.”

According to Sabena, her team really enjoys creating content in WorkRamp, and the ability to build media-rich learning experiences with drag-and-drop content objects and unique assessment tools. “They like the ability to create flip cards and quizzes, or insert text in videos,” she said. “WorkRamp makes it really easy, which is why we were able to roll out the trainings so quickly.”

Branded External Training Improves Customer Retention

MikMak’s employees are not the only ones benefiting from WorkRamp training — customers and partners use the platform to get up to speed on MikMak. “Our Go To Market team within Customer Success is really passionate about ensuring our partners and customers are certified on our platform,” Sabena said. “They wanted a robust way to train them to get the most from our platform and reduce the number of calls to our CSMs. WorkRamp was the perfect solution for that.” 

Sabena said being able to reuse a lot of the content for internal training is really helpful, because they’re such a lean team. “The external training mirrors what we do internally,” she said. “The dedicated site for external learners is MikMak branded and provides the same great UI and engaging self-serve learning experience.”

According to Sabena, the main goal of certification is reducing customer churn. “We’re really looking to increase retention and renewals, to maximize the value of our customers over time,” she said. “By encouraging customers to become MikMak certified with WorkRamp, we’re helping them get maximum value from their investment, building brand equity within our buying centers and inspiring customer loyalty.” 

Effective Onboarding Boosts the Bottom Line

Thanks to WorkRamp, MikMak now has a central place for employees to find information and trainings to uplevel their knowledge. This has helped Sabena and her team achieve their goal of creating a culture where everyone is involved in their ongoing professional development, which, in turn, increases employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Importantly, WorkRamp helps MikMak drive revenue by helping new sales reps ramp up faster. “Our sales reps are achieving faster time-to-first-sale and higher average contract values for those early deals,” she said, adding that sales competency is critical for MikMak during this high-growth phase, as they look to onboard net-new customers and build brand awareness. “By centralizing onboarding content and making it self-serve in WorkRamp, sales reps are more productive sooner, and they can get out there and start closing deals.”

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