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Learn how IMGE used WorkRamp to centralize their L&D initiatives and scale learning across the organization.

At IMGE, a 37-person digital-first agency, a huge part of employee success has been driven by robust onboarding and career progression programs. Initially, these programs’ resources were housed in the team’s internal wiki, and workflows were built out in a task management platform.

This created a disjointed learner experience and made it challenging for admins to maintain and update content, which hindered scalability.

Centralizing and growing their L&D initiatives in WorkRamp enabled IMGE to achieve:

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How IMGE builds engaging and scalable programs with WorkRamp

  • Workflow Automations. IMGE reduces admin work and saves time by triggering the automated assignment of learning content.
  • Resource Libraries. Libraries in WorkRamp give IMGE a centralized place to curate, update, and track engagement on all assets and resources.
  • Events. IMGE uses WorkRamp’s Events to build out and track attendance on various series of virtual instructor-led trainings.

“Rolling out consistent training in WorkRamp has allowed us to quickly figure out how our teammates learn and what roles are best fit for their skill sets. This ultimately helps us optimize capacity planning and makes us more successful in meeting client deliverables.”


Megan Foote, Executive VP, IMGE


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