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A leader in cloud-based communication services, 8x8 uses WorkRamp to transform revenue enablement and partner education under a single, consolidated platform for both internal and external training.

A leading provider of cloud-based communication services, 8×8 uses WorkRamp to consolidate training efforts across the organization by optimizing content collaboration and enhancing editor workflows.

  • The Modular Content Delivery System improves cross-functional collaboration by splitting up training content and allowing them to be built asynchronously.
  • Customizable templates enable editors to deliver training faster.
  • CMS Integration and guide objects allow for a more robust learning experience.
  • Consolidating internal and external training into one platform saves time and cost.


8×8 (NYSE: EGHT) powers global business communications as the leading cloud provider of voice, video, chat, contact center and enterprise-class API solutions.

As a globally distributed company, learning is at the core of 8×8’s culture. The Product Marketing Team drives revenue enablement across all business lines to educate the sales team and the channel partners on the product, messaging, positioning, differentiation and pricing. As the product expands and the market becomes more complex, 8×8 relies on WorkRamp to support its growing internal and external enablement initiatives.


  • Ability to scale enablement programs to match company growth
  • A robust editor experience that is intuitive for new content creators to get started quickly and hyperflexible for editors to make changes on the fly
  • Create a dynamic learning experience–beyond video pitch certifications

A Single Interface for Internal & External Training

8×8’s Partner Program is responsible for delivering top-notch sales and technical training to support its external partners. Prior to WorkRamp, partner enablement consisted of live and recorded webinars to cover a vast set of technical sales and customer support topics. However, as the partner program quickly grew, 8×8 found that the current program was unable to scale with the growing demand for partner training.

8×8 turned to WorkRamp to deliver both internal sales and external partner training in one unified platform. Instead of creating two redundant product training guides in two systems, the Marketing Team created one set of bite-sized training blocks inside WorkRamp’s content library. This allowed the team to pick and choose only the relevant modular blocks to build two nearly identical product training guides, without doing it twice, and dropping them in the correct training instance. By allowing training materials to be shared across multiple teams, the Marketing Team was able to scale content creation efforts quickly and confidently–knowing that any edits to the original modular block would have a universal effect on all guides. The team now moved more efficiently and effectively, freeing up bandwidth for other initiatives.

A Unified Learning Management System is the future of enablement. With a consolidated training platform like WorkRamp, we can train anyone, any time, anywhere–knowing that the content is there and ready to be deployed into a training module in seconds. From sales to marketing to engineering, WorkRamp will uplevel any team’s training strategy–and will be instrumental in bridging the gaps in enablement across the company.

Improving Collaboration with Modular Content Blocks

WorkRamp provides the 8×8 Marketing Team with the flexibility they need to share the responsibility of content creation across the organization. Now, instead of depending on one SME to create an entire training module, dozens of SMEs and team members can build pieces of the learning path asynchronously to quickly create and roll out new training guides. On the editor side, this modular experience also allows small changes to be made to each content block without taking the entire path offline. This hyperflexibility enables anyone in the organization to create, share and embed content inside any learning path for any team.

For 8×8, this is a game changer: “WorkRamp allows for just-in-time deployments for not just in time,” says Patrick Russell, Director of Product Marketing. “This modular experience enables our team to start building training content pretty early on–so that we can plan ahead, work ahead and have things ready for quick deployment.”

Fully Customizable Editor Experience 

When it comes to creating training, the 8×8 Marketing Team makes it easy for their SMEs to share knowledge and create training modules on the fly with customizable templates. These templates allow SMEs to focus on the content itself, while giving the Marketing Team the bandwidth to create a cohesive story around the training content. With a uniform content creating experience, SMEs have clear expectations around how to communicate their knowledge in the LMS and are able to deliver training content faster.

Unlike the previous sales-focused LMS, WorkRamp allows 8×8 to create flexible learning paths that don’t necessarily center around a video certification. By diversifying the training guide with video elements and simple objects like multiple-choice questions, the marketing team saved valuable time that would’ve been spent on scoring video certifications for non-essential training.

Robust Integrations and Dynamic Objects for Better Learner Experience

8×8 uses WorkRamp to increase seller adoption in partnering enablement tools, by creating a robust ecosystem where content feeds from a Content Management System (CMS) to WorkRamp. Now, instead of managing multiple one-off tools and struggling to maintain content hygiene across the board, 8×8 can integrate WorkRamp to its CMS to deliver training side-by-side. This in-context learning drives higher engagement rates for both tools, improves knowledge retention and increases content consumption to help reps win more deals.

Accelerating Learning Transformation with a Unified Training Platform

WorkRamp’s solution allows 8×8 to deliver internal and external training programs autonomously. Because WorkRamp’s unified training platform is easy to use for content creators and learners, 8×8 now has the flexibility and the confidence to build, deploy and scale training programs anywhere, any time.

WorkRamp has been designed in a way that doesn’t require a training manual to get started–which speaks volumes for its UI. From robust features to an unparalleled editor experience, WorkRamp has the enterprise capabilities we need to scale training for our internal teams and external partners today.

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