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Algolia trusts WorkRamp to power corporate learning across the business – including its new hire onboarding program and partner education.


Lish Gates leads Global Revenue Enablement at Algolia, a Search-as-a-Service platform transforming digital experiences for companies like WeWork, Intuit, Salesforce, and Zendesk. When Lish began in her role, her focus was creating an onboarding program for new sales hires—today, Lish leads new hire onboarding for all customer-facing teams as well as partner education. Lish shares how WorkRamp empowered her team to scale their enablement program to Algolia’s global teams and partners.

How has Algolia’s onboarding program evolved since adopting WorkRamp?

As Algolia’s first enablement hire, I spent the initial months in my role concentrated on creating as much learning content as possible to support our sales onboarding program. Now that my team has grown in size and scope, we’re reimagining our onboarding program by embracing feedback, enabling push and pull learning, tapping into virtual capabilities, and setting new hires up for success with pre-onboarding materials.

Act on internal and external feedback

Over the last year, we’ve gathered feedback from our learners to identify opportunities to improve the onboarding process. V.2 of our onboarding program is all about building something that is more proactive than reactive. We not only tap into internal teams to gather feedback, we also reach out to our external networks—like WorkRamp’s VIP community—to get ideas as to how we can uplevel our enablement program

Optimize content for push and pull learning

We’re also organizing content around the concept of push and pull learning, which we discovered in How People Learn by Nick Shakleton-Jones. Essentially, we want to push our learners to actively engage in training by incentivizing them to learn and retain knowledge. At the same time, though, we recognize that there are instances where learners simply need to passively pull information from existing resources. Luckily, WorkRamp allows us to curate both resource libraries and interactive learning guides to create a comprehensive learner experience.   

Embrace video training and virtual events

In the past, many of our onboarding sessions would happen as live, interactive lessons—in the era of remote work, we’re learning how we can recreate those learning moments with videos and virtual events. WorkRamp’s newly revamped events feature has made it easier than ever to plan virtual onboarding bootcamp sessions.

Prepare new hires before day one

We’ve found that by sharing pre-onboarding training materials, our new hires have a more productive onboarding experience. They dive into onboarding having the background information they need to really absorb each training. Leveraging WorkRamp to deploy pre-onboarding learning content for new hires has resulted in decreased ramp time and more engaged new hires. 

How has Algolia’s enablement program expanded since adopting WorkRamp?

Power enablement for all go-to-market teams

After adopting WorkRamp as the LMS platform for our sales teams, we developed a great reputation for sharing our culture and instilling confidence in new hires. Eventually, we were getting requests from teams outside the sales org for help with onboarding. Everyone from marketing to new executives wanted our help in building new hire training. It made it easy for me to have a conversation with our Chief People Officer and say ‘we need to scale WorkRamp as our one-stop-shop, streamlined onboarding system across our entire go-to-market org.’  

Expand into external partner training

Algolia has a customer and partner education team that consists of videographers, technical educators, and software engineers. As I first began building our enablement program for sales teams, they helped me develop technical product coursework in WorkRamp. When they decided to onboard an LMS for external academies, WorkRamp stood out as the obvious choice. 

The team had already experienced WorkRamp’s intuitive design while helping to develop product training for our sales team. They valued WorkRamp’s Salesforce integration as a way to maintain a customer 360 view. Additionally, we discovered that one of the benefits of using an end-to-end platform is that we can leverage feedback from our internal teams to deploy better training guides for our partners. Since launching our partner education program through WorkRamp just six months ago, we’ve onboarded over 100 partners.

Why is LMS consolidation important? 

We have so many talented subject matter experts across our organization investing time into making great content—we want to be able to share and leverage the 15 courses we’ve developed as much as possible. It’s really about showcasing the expertise of our organization’s subject matter experts. Empowering our teams to document their knowledge in WorkRamp creates great synergy between teams, resulting in a better learner experience for anyone joining the company as an employee or partner. Our courses have an 89% completion rate among employees and partners, with over 800 course registrations.

Why WorkRamp?

Streamlined learning with integrations

Our revenue team depends on a variety of tech stacks in their daily workflows. When I began evaluating Learning Management Systems, it was important to me that new hires wouldn’t have to jump between a handful of different platforms to complete a training. WorkRamp’s Salesforce and Slack integrations create a more streamlined experience and allow learners to be more autonomous in their training. 

Intuitive admin experience

When I joined Algolia, I was solely responsible for our sales enablement program. I needed an LMS that would be easy-to-use and allow me to build and deploy learning guides quickly. WorkRamp’s intuitive admin experience quickly made it my number one choice in the evaluation process.

Customizable training modules

One of the things I love most about WorkRamp is the variety of mediums I can tap into to build learning content. I’m never tied to any specific format as I build learning paths—I can use videos, quizzes, matching games, and hotspots to create guides. It keeps online learning fun and engaging for our trainees.

Why partner with WorkRamp?

“WorkRamp gives us visibility into how each role in our organization impacts customer experience. Being able to truly own that narrative is so powerful. We know that we have a real impact, internally, and externally,” says Lish Gates at Algolia.

With WorkRamp, Algolia has been able to:

  • Create a one-stop-shop of 15 courses for onboarding across the entire GTM organization
  • Learn enablement best practices from WorkRamp’s VIP community
  • Onboard 109 external partners in six months
  • Achieve 89% course completion rates
  • Save time and resources with an end-to-end LMS for internal enablement and partner training


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