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WorkRamp Announces WorkRamp Communities, the Latest Addition to Its Learning Cloud, Centralizing Customer Learning on One Platform

San Francisco, CA. February 27, 2024 WorkRamp, the pioneer of the Learning Cloud [in the Learning Management System (LMS)] category, announces the availability of its latest innovation, WorkRamp Communities. This addition to the Learning Cloud allows customers to deliver engaging and impactful customer education programs without the headache and cost of multiple vendors by combining the power of a Customer LMS + Community on one platform.  

Key benefits and features of WorkRamp Communities: 

Connect customers and scale knowledge with forums and discussions. WorkRamp Communities allows customers to connect to share best practices and knowledge in one central location. It also gives customers a scalable and digital way to find the information they need at their fingertips without having to ask for help. 

Collect feedback to shape your roadmap and strategy. WorkRamp Communities gives you the power to get real-time feedback to help plan your product strategy and roadmap. This also streamlines processes for your team, so you’re not searching for product feedback in multiple channels and locations. 

Share product announcements. WorkRamp Communities gives organizations another channel to share important product information and announcements. Customers will always know where to go when they need to find information.

This milestone reflects WorkRamp’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions that not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of modern businesses. The launch of WorkRamp Communities marks a significant improvement in customer learning, setting a new standard for integrated, user-friendly, and cost-effective customer education solutions,” says Ted Blosser, CEO & Co-Founder of WorkRamp.

Why WorkRamp Communities

Communities offer organizations the opportunity to establish a two-way communication channel with and between their customers. 

Currently, many businesses use different platforms to set up customer education programs and communities. This leads to fragmented tools and redundant workflows that companies are eager to consolidate. 

WorkRamp’s goal is to centralize customer and partner learning on a single platform and provide organizations with a consolidated, all-in-one solution to drive their customer learning initiatives forward. 

WorkRamp Communities is a purpose-built, customizable, and easy-to-manage platform that brings customers together to learn, share, and collaborate.

“At Emplifi, we are ecstatic to explore ways to strengthen the partnership with our customers through options like WorkRamp Communities. The ability to nurture our relationships means happier customers for life. As a SaaS company, our focus is on improving the customer experience, and we know that WorkRamp Communities could help our customers learn, connect, and value their partnership with us,” says Emily Chrystal, Learning Manager at Emplifi.

With WorkRamp Communities, customers have one place to learn from other like-minded individuals, ask questions, and get support which takes the burden off of teams and allows businesses to scale resources. Combining WorkRamp Communities with WorkRamp’s Customer LMS allows organizations and customer ed teams to have everything they need at their fingertips without switching tools.

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About WorkRamp 

At WorkRamp, we believe that the best companies grow through learning. That’s why hundreds of market leaders such as Box, Lattice, and Outreach choose the Learning Cloud to power employee and customer learning. Boost employee performance, grow revenue, and scale customer success with WorkRamp. To learn more, visit

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