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WorkRamp Announces WorkRamp Content Management System (CMS) to Reimagine Revenue Enablement as a Unified Content and Learning Experience

San Francisco, Ca. January 30, 2024 — WorkRamp, the pioneer of the Learning Cloud (in the  Learning Management System (LMS) category, announces the availability of its latest innovation, the WorkRamp Content Management System (CMS) for Go-To-Market (GTM) Readiness. This addition to the Learning Cloud enhances the way organizations can deliver seamless enablement and training experiences and learning content to Revenue teams by combining the power of LMS + CMS on one platform.  

Key benefits and features of WorkRamp CMS:

Save time with centralized and searchable assets

Store and manage sales-related content in a centralized repository so teams waste no time finding and utilizing relevant materials such as product information, presentations, brochures, and sales collateral.

Boost efficiency with ready-to-share content

Streamline the GTM process when teams house ready-to-share content in WorkRamp’s CMS, giving reps the path to least resistance when pitching to customers, addressing objections, and answering inquiries.

Empower reps with on-brand resources

Never worry about incorrect or outdated information being shared again. With all approved assets in one place, reps are well-equipped to deliver consistent messaging that elevates a brand’s strengths and gets deals over the line.

“At WorkRamp, we’re committed to building the best, purpose-built products to meet the needs of our customers’ different use cases. With the latest enhancement to our Learning Cloud, we’re improving the way organizations deliver enablement and training experiences to their Revenue teams by integrating the power of LMS and CMS on a single platform,” says Ted Blosser, CEO & Co-Founder of WorkRamp. 

“We look forward to seeing our customers adopt our new solution to help them create the best and most impactful learning experiences for their organizations.”

Why WorkRamp CMS?

WorkRamp addresses the evolving needs of organizations by offering a unified LMS and CMS experience for employee learning. The platform’s CMS introduction aligns with WorkRamp’s commitment to delivering solutions that help customers:

Consolidate the learning tech stack

Organizations grappling with managing separate LMS and CMS platforms can now simplify their learning tech stack. WorkRamp LMS + CMS enables cost savings, reduces complexity fr admins and learners alike, and accelerates faster time-to-value for learning programs.

Enhance learner experiences

By eliminating the need for learners to switch between platforms to access training and ready-to-go Sales Assets, WorkRamp now provides Revenue teams with a more seamless learning experience that helps boost rep productivity. 

Scale learning across the organization

Administrators, team managers, course creators, and content editors can collaboratively, asynchronously, and transparently operate from a shared command center. WorkRamp’s integrated LMS + CMS for GTM readiness enables the entire revenue organization to align and operate cohesively.

“I was desperately on the hunt to try and find a CMS solution when I was brought into a conversation about WorkRamp building their own CMS, and it was just like magic. This is really important for the rollout within the business because trying to get reps on an LMS regardless, to complete learning modules, is really difficult. So to even try and introduce a different CMS platform would have just been a nightmare,” says Dannii Mathers, Global Revenue Enablement Manager at JobAdder

“Whereas at the moment, they love using WorkRamp. It’s really easy, really intuitive to use. It’s a safe place for them to navigate now because they’re so used to finding what they need in there and completing the modules. That transition over into a CMS is going to be so much more seamless. It’s an enabler’s dream because there isn’t that worry of deploying a new tech stack and the worry of what the adoption is going to be like if there’s another bit of technology somebody needs to learn. It solves so many problems in one solution.”

WorkRamp CMS represents the next major milestone in the evolution of the Learning Cloud. As WorkRamp continues to launch innovative products, organizations can transform the way employees learn and grow.

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