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LEARN Recap: Learning is the Ultimate Competitive Advantage

In our first-ever virtual summit, WorkRamp LEARN, industry leaders from customer education, revenue enablement, learning and development (L&D), and human resources (HR) shared expert tips to empower individuals and organizations.

The common thread from our speakers and sessions was the power of learning and how to leverage that as a growth engine for your business. 

In his keynote speech, Ted Blosser, WorkRamp’s Co-founder and CEO, shared how learning can be a competitive advantage, especially during times of constant change and uncertainty.

The current state of learning and how organizations can adjust

The last few years have been full of personal and professional changes and challenges, and organizations have had to adapt to stay competitive.

“We are all trying to operate our businesses and do our jobs well amidst all this uncertainty,” Ted says. “I’ll be the first to admit it’s hard.”

Ted noted some of the challenges organizations are currently facing:

  • Retention is at a historic low, especially in tech industries
  • According to a recent LinkedIn survey, two out of three sales reps didn’t hit their numbers in Q3
  • Our customers have so much selection now; it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep them loyal to our brands

So, what can you do to future-proof your organization and stay competitive in this environment? That’s where continuous learning comes in. 

“Who are the companies that will thrive amidst all this uncertainty–it’s simple,” Ted says. “It’s the companies who can learn faster than everyone else.” 

Leverage learning as a growth engine

L&D has become more important than ever for employees in our post-pandemic world. In fact, 68 percent of workers say they would stay with their employer if they made an effort to upskill them, while 65 percent of workers said they would stay if their employer made an effort to reskill them.

Learning and development opportunities are essential for organizations and team members to:

  • Increase employee engagement and help team members feel a sense of purpose
  • Boost retention and help organizations attract and retain talent
  • Help employees upskill and reskill to support career advancement in current and/or future roles
  • Promote problem-solving and innovation for companies to stay competitive  

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How WorkRamp can help you amplify your learning efforts

If learning is the growth engine to give you a competitive edge, then an All-in-One Learning Platform like WorkRamp can help you power learning programs across your business. 

WorkRamp consists of two solutions:

  • Employee solutions: to help you develop your team 
  • Customer solutions: to turn users into loyal brand advocates

Ted also unveiled the newest evolution of WorkRamp: the People-Centric LMS.

“Today we’re excited to talk about a new evolution of WorkRamp–a vision we’re calling the People-Centric LMS,” he says. “The People-Centric LMS helps you amplify your learning efforts by focusing on your people first. Because at the end of the day, your people are driving change at your organizations, not your documentation, knowledge, or processes.”

In addition to the people-centric LMS, Ted shared new WorkRamp product enhancements:

  • New public profile pages. Your profile highlights what you’ve learned and makes it easy to connect with peers
  • New search engine. Search for content and people in the organization you can learn from
  • Company tab. Skip the search engine and browse and learn from your colleagues. 
  • New learner interface. Sets the foundation for people-centric features like subject matter experts, a skills graph, and learning leaderboards 

“To continue growing, we need to embrace learning to help our people and companies win,” Ted says. “Our sole goal at WorkRamp is to help you amplify your learning efforts to power your growth engines.” 

As the late Jack Welch, legendary CEO of General Electric, says, “an organization’s ability to learn and translate that learning into action is the ultimate competitive advantage.”

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