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Our Next Investment in Community: LEARN Podcast

Continuous learning and community building are two of our core pillars here at WorkRamp. 

Programming and experiences like the WorkRamp LEARN virtual event series and our VIP Community are just some of the ways we invest in customers, learning, and community today. 

And now, we’re unveiling our next big moment on this journey to bring the learning community together. I’m excited to bring to you the WorkRamp LEARN Podcast

We’ve called in top SaaS leaders to chat with me about the ups and downs of their career journeys and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. You’ll hear stories about everything from building teams during hyper-growth, taking companies through IPOs, to navigating our current market and figuring out the “new” normal.

In each episode, we’ll dive deep into topics such as: 

  • Leadership principles 
  • Company culture and operations
  • How investing in learning can maximize business impact 
  • Transformative learning experiences throughout our guests’ careers

And more. 

An audience favorite is our “Rapid Fire” segment, where I ask each guest a slew of questions for a fun and candid conversation—and we learn a lot about our guest’s favorite books, podcasts, and mentors.

Today we welcome our first guest on the show, Cara Brennan Allamano, CPO of Lattice. Cara dropped some serious insights in this episode. Check out our vibrant conversation by listening here.

How can you support LEARN Podcast? 

LEARN Podcast will be on Apple & Spotify and other podcast-listening apps.

There are a few ways to support our podcast. Subscribe on iTunes, leave a review on iTunes, and tell the world about the show on social media. We’ll also share on our social channels when new episodes are live. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and now on TikTok

Our goal is to provide valuable insights to help you learn something new and walk away feeling inspired. We promise LEARN Podcast is not your typical corporate learning podcast. 

Thanks for being part of our community. I hope you enjoy LEARN Podcast

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Ted Blosser

CEO & Co-Founder, WorkRamp

Ted Blosser is the CEO and Co-Founder of WorkRamp, a category-leading Learning Management System. Prior to founding WorkRamp in 2015, Ted held a variety of sales and product positions at Box and Cisco. He studied Electrical Engineering at Santa Clara University and resides in Redwood City with his wife and three children.

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