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Launching Our WorkRamp & Guru Collaboration

Guru allows customers to quickly access knowledge and content across multiple applications and plugins, leveraging AI to bring you the knowledge you need to do your job — when and where you need it most. Guru also has workflows to ensure your knowledge is up-to-date, trusted, and verified by the right subject matter experts across your organization. Combined with WorkRamp’s best-in-class learning platform, customers now have the ability to create even more interactive and engaging content for their learners:

We are extremely excited to see Guru and WorkRamp collaborate more closely together. By merging our knowledge and learning management systems, we can provide our go-to-market teams with the critical resources they need to provide an amazing experience for our customers.

— Tom Foley

Customers can now embed Guru cards within WorkRamp training guides, allowing them to quickly spin up engaging learning content without ever needing to leave WorkRamp. Additionally, they can also leverage WorkRamp Share Links within Guru cards when they want to do deeper dives into longer-form learning content. To learn more about the details, visit our help site documentation.

At WorkRamp, our goal is to help companies like Zoom, Slack, and Intuit execute flawlessly through learning. Whether it’s reducing ramp times or aligning every employee on the same message, we strive to build products and integrations to help organizations execute better. With this goal in mind, we’re excited to announce the general release of embeddable Guru to all of our customers and we’re eager to hear your feedback!

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