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The Future of Customer Learning: Envisioning an AI-Powered 5-Star Experience 

The future of AI in learning is bright, and our co-founders, Arsh Mand (CTO) and Ted Blosser (CEO), are embarking on an Excellent AI Adventure throughout Summer 2023 to connect with leaders in the learning community to find out just how bright it can get. 

The second stop of their virtual listening tour brought them to Conversica, the leading provider of conversational AI for revenue teams, where they met with two members of the Customer Success team–Senior CS Enablement Specialist Lauren Siegfried, and CS Program Coordinator Kiera Long. With a lean and mighty team, their main priority is operational efficiency while maintaining a five-star customer experience, which means delivering high-quality product enablement at scale through Conversica Academy so users can learn how to properly self-serve and adopt their software. 

How can this customer learning and enablement experience be enhanced even further?

As AI industry professionals, Lauren and Kiera share three areas in which they envision AI helping to take customer education efforts to the next level.

1. Personalization

A huge part of creating a meaningful learning experience is ensuring it is tailored to your learner’s needs.

Currently, Lauren and Kiera leverage academy sign-up fields to collect standard learner information and then use WorkRamp’s Customer Learning Cloud Segments to assign relevant training to users based on their respective groups.

In their ideal world, AI would have the ability to analyze learner data and automatically customize a learner journey for each person from onboarding and beyond, assigning the right content or offering the appropriate resources at the right time based on traits like role, industry, lifecycle stage, etc. 

2. Knowledge-building

Product confidence helps drive adoption, so it’s essential to provide learners with ongoing opportunities to build knowledge in areas they may be showing lower levels of engagement or understanding. 

“Right now, we’re doing that more manually,” says Lauren. “We have a system that shows us who is and who isn’t using certain features and how that affects their health score. Then we know we should target them with whatever training we have to get them to become a power user of that.”

She could see AI being applied here to serve up content based on course scores and completions to help automate the process of getting customers the extra practice they need to develop more robust product knowledge. 

3. Engagement and socialization

Creating courses is one thing; getting people to take them is another. Ensuring your customers are coming back for more training to stay on top of their product and industry knowledge is a crucial effort. However, it can be more manual to sort through course data and target learners with messaging to promote trainings they haven’t taken yet. 

That’s where Lauren and Kiera see AI’s potential to be particularly helpful in thinking outside the box of traditional promotion and socializing available course offerings in-app. “Having something in-app that creates just a little bit of noise would be ideal,” says Lauren. “For example, if someone has finished their first training, but they haven’t taken our certifications yet, it would be great to have AI push them towards the certification so they can add it to their LinkedIn.”

Kiera sees things getting even more creative and having AI suggest trainings based on factors such as recency and popularity to tap into some learner FOMO and get learners excited about taking the courses of the moment. “Imagine notifications or suggestions like ‘this training was taken 10 min ago,’ or ’10 people in a similar role have finished this training this week,'” says Kiera. “Creating that buzz of popularity gets people wondering what a particular course is all about or makes them feel like they don’t want to fall behind.”

The future of AI in customer learning

There are so many great ideas for how AI can make customer learning even more personalized and engaging, and we look forward to exploring those applications.

How are you thinking about the possibilities of AI in your own program or content design methods? We’d love to chat!  

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