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WorkRamp Winter Release: Advanced Group Automations, New Admin UI, and More

Today, we’re thrilled to announce our newest enhancements to WorkRamp to give your teams more ways to automate and customize the user experience in WorkRamp. 

In this Winter Release, we’re launching a few major updates to the platform:

  • Advanced user group automations
  • New admin UI

We’re launching the following features for Internal LMS:

  • Ability to create multi-session events
  • Attendance auto-tracking with Zoom
  • Automated reminder notifications
  • Additional sign-on options

We’re launching the following features for Academies (External LMS):

  • Automatic registration upon enrollment
  • Option to require linear course progression for learners
  • Ability to select a default landing page

Advanced Group Automations

Dynamic Groups for Internal LMS

Dynamic Groups makes it easy for you to create and maintain user groups on WorkRamp. Features include the ability to set custom filters and rules that automatically assign or remove users from a group by automatically syncing employee data in real-time with their employee system of record.

This feature saves you time by removing the need to manually maintain groups. With Dynamic groups, everything stays up-to-date so you can be confident about delivering training to the right people, every time. 

Enhanced Segments for External LMS

Similar to Dynamic Groups on Internal LMS, Enhanced Segments on Academies (External LMS) makes it significantly easier for you to create segments and either manually or dynamically assign users in Academies. 

If a user is not part of your system of record and does not apply to the group rules you set (i.e a contractor or an external user at a company), you can manually add these users to your segments. For any users that are already part of your system of record, groups will stay dynamically up-to-date in real-time. 

New Admin UI

We’re really excited to roll out a new UI for admins! We’ve updated new fonts, colors, and icons–and gave our global header and side navigation bar a new look.

Internal LMS Highlights: 

Multi-session Events

This new feature gives you the ability to set up Multi-Session Events on WorkRamp so learners can enroll in multiple sessions with a single click. This greatly improves the current events experience by ensuring accurate learner registration across multiple events–contributing to higher registration and attendance rates over time.  

Auto-tracking Attendance with Zoom

You can also automatically track training attendance hosted on Zoom. Automatically verifying event attendance through the native Zoom integration greatly reduces the administrative burden of manual attendance tracking and increases the accuracy of recorded attendance.

Other new features include:

  • Automated Reminder Notifications: Now, you’ll have the ability to customize the cadence for reminder and overdue notifications for learners. Learners will now get clear and timely notifications so they can always stay up to date with their training program.
  • Customized Sign-In Options: We’re giving you the ability to designate various sign-in options to log into WorkRamp. In addition to the multitude of ways you can already log in with, Admins and Learners can also use Google and Salesforce to log in.

Academies Highlights

Automatic Registration Upon Enrollment

This feature gives you the ability to auto-register new learners into courses, paths, and certifications in Academies. Now, you can enroll any learner to a course (registered or unregistered), and if they are not yet registered in WorkRamp, an email notification will guide them through the registration process and then to the assigned course page in the Academy. 

This makes it easier for you to reduce the administrative burden by bundling registration and training assignment process for all new learners.

Academy Customizations

You can now require sequential progression on Paths to ensure that learners complete a course in order to unlock subsequent courses in the same path. Locked paths are a great way to structure content that has prerequisites or may rely on learnings from other courses in a path.

We’re also allowing you to select a default landing tab for your academies. This feature gives you the ability to set the default page that learners land on when opening the Academy to surface relevant content to customers and partners upon login.

Generally Available in January

WorkRamp customers get an exclusive first look at all upcoming features, plus product demos and roadmap reviews, through our Quarterly Product Events. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our fall release or the WorkRamp Platform in general, please get in touch!

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