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WorkRamp Fall Product Release: Content Collaboration, Advanced Workflows, & More

Today, we’re excited to announce our newest Content Collaboration feature to allow your teams to better work together to create amazing content for your employees, customers, and partners.

Here’s what’s included in the WorkRamp Fall Product Release:

  • Powerful collaboration features for content creators and editors
  • Ability to create and assign learning paths for your customers and partners
  • Custom features to expand accessibility and reporting capabilities
  • Advanced Salesforce enhancements

Introducing Content Collaboration

Content Collaboration elevates the content creation experience by allowing you to better collaborate on training materials across your organization. Features include the ability to create robust collaboration workflows and advanced permissioning at the guide level to allow content creators to more effectively work with SMEs (Subject Matter Experts).

Content editors will now have the ability to comment, assign, and resolve any action items at the guide level. This feature allows teams to deliver better quality content by encouraging knowledge sharing and soliciting feedback, while also accelerating training time-to-launch.  

Internal LMS Highlights

Closed Captions

You’ll now be able to sideload closed captioning in multiple languages on any video content in your training guide. This accessibility feature allows you to drive more inclusive learning experiences.

ILT Event Enhancements

We’ve also added new advanced features to help you better manage and streamline processes for instructor-led training events in WorkRamp. 

You now have access to:

  • Automated learner registrations for events
  • Advanced filters and reporting views in your admin console
  • Expanded fields (ie location) for more granular reporting

External LMS Highlights

Paths in Academies

With this new release for External LMS (aka Academies), you’ll now be able to provide your customers and partners with 4 different types of learning experiences: Courses, Certifications, Instructor-Led Events, and Paths. 

With Paths in Academies, you can bundle existing courses to design learning sequences that are independent of certifications, but still leverage advanced reporting and enrollment capabilities. 

Create leads in Salesforce from Academies

If you’re using Salesforce to manage your prospect and customer data, you’ll be able to leverage our newest feature to better capture learner data in your CRM. 

Once enabled, WorkRamp will capture contact information from new learner registrations, and push the data to Salesforce and create a new “lead” or “contact”. This allows you to keep track of customer or partner activity in WorkRamp to give you more visibility into the revenue impact of your customer training programs. 

Generally Available in October

WorkRamp customers get an exclusive first look at all upcoming features, plus product demos and roadmap reviews, through our Quarterly Product Events. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our fall release or the WorkRamp Platform in general, please get in touch!

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